i was not sure how my son and i would get along living together, but so far so good. he has been a big help around here doing the things i would have to pay someone to do. we did figure out that the wall in the pantry will have to be taken apart and figure out why there is no power to the light. today he is working on the seal around the front door.

i am working this weekend. my next day off is thursday. so its going to be a very long week.

brent has been gone a year now. i made it through all the firsts. it has been the hardest year of my life. i really didnt think i would get through it, but somehow i did. with work and a friend and my art i was able to make it through the year.

this week has been very hard working up to this day. thinking about how sick he was and then having to send him to the hospital knowing he would never come home. it was one of the hardest things i ever did. i could see the fear in his eyes when he left. he knew as well. there was nothing i could have said that would have made things easier. i was grateful for being there at the end for him.

i left the hospital that day knowing i would walk alone now. for how long i dont know. i walk to honour brent and i keep things going here for him.

last week i needed a new furnance. a big chunk of money to be sure but at least i had the credit card to pay for it. adam discovered the problems with the old one. he also checked over my car and got that sorted out for me. so i am good for now.

i also told adam that the house and its contents would be his when i die. being as i have not heard from my youngest son in months and no one else has either. he has taken money from who knows how many people and is now in the wind. so i guess he is gone now. as for my grandkids will have to contact a lawyer to be able to see them again.

i am still very busy at work. i have some fillins tomorrow and will be home later so will be too tired to do any shopping. will try on wed in guess.

adam is wanting me to get rid of the birds. i said i would try and set a few free in the summer. no idea how they will survive on their own. i found one bird has passed today of all days. they are getting older now and it should be no surprise now.

i am trying to finish a knitted beanie for a resident. cats are not helping much. so i dont get much chance to knit right now...

its time to sleep....