its day 3 of 6 and i can hardly keep my eyes open. i am checking the time and have to leave to go back to work in half an hour. it will be a very long day tomorrow.

i didnt get much done today other than some dishes. i made some more scones. they are hot pepper and cheese. i think they turned out really good, if you like spicey of course.

the cats are still on me like idea why . i have never had cats act this way before. i had one that hid behind the sofa all the time. he was very shy.

i was chatting with someone for awhile. lately he does not message to even say hi. if he is not making an effort , why should i? so i wont and let it die a quick death.

i am thinking of cutting my hair off. i know a strange thing for me. i have had long hair for years and years. my hair is getting so thin now its really bothering me. my hair has alot of natural curl and it will come out when my hair is shorter. maybe i will try it for the summer. even though long hair is easy to look after for me, i dont want my hair to look so sad because its so thin now.

as usual i come home to something knocked off something, and they left me a gift....half a mouse. well at least they are good at catching them.

i have been helping a lady at the retirement home who needs extra care, off the clock. i am not sure if i will get in trouble for it or not, but i know she needs it. she also needs someone just there with her. so i help her with some small things like making her a tea, or something to eat.

i never thought i would make an effort for this lady. we did not start off well at first. i guess time has a way of smoothing things over. she keeps asking for me to stay longer and have a tea. i will do that tomorrow.