its sunday of my weekend off. i slept in until after eight. it felt so good to just be warm and toasty and comfy in bed. but i have to get up or i wont be able to sleep tonight. i have a few things i want to get done today. my son is coming by to check on the snowblower and see if he can get it running. he will also put up my spice rack. after that i will move some pots and paint the next section of shelf in the pantry.

its now tuesday and i am sore and tired. my spice rack is up and snow blower is running. i guess i should learn how to use it. the more i do on my own the more i relize brent is truly gone. for example setting up the tree, he would have done that and i would have put the lights on. he loved putting the ornaments on and would spend alot of time making sure it was perfect. it was fun watching him decide what to put on the tree.

work went ok yesterday, my student showed up and she says i am a good teacher. i never thought i would be training anyone at all, but i guess since i have been doing a good job at the retirement home they think i should show someone else. i am ok with that, i just hope i am not training someone else to take my job.

finished a square for my quilt yesterday. will make time later today to prep another couple of squares for the week. i am working on the weekend so will have some wait time for sure.

there is a staff meeting this afternoon as well so i will miss my story this afternoon. i was planning on doing some shopping at the grocery store for the week but it will have to wait for another day.

talked over my will with my son some more on sunday. will need to get it on paper now and be very clear about how things are going to go. he was grateful i was doing this now instead of waiting until the end. but really no one knows when the end is.....