lately i have been starting the entries on one day and finish the next. mostly because i loose track of thought , or i dont have much to say at the time. my life is not that exciting . i have to work today, so its almost time to get dressed and make my lunch for work. i am in alot of pain today so it will be a long shift. i try really hard to not pull on my joints too much, but its hard with the job i do.

i have been adding ground chia to my cereal every day. i think it has been helping but with gradual changes its hard to tell. i am not feeling any worse so thats a good thing.

i finished ironing all my scrub shirts this morning. it takes me a while to iron them all now. i can only do a few at a time before i feel sore. so i do what i can every day until they are done. will wash this weeks scrubs tomorrow and then there will be more to iron again.

the hard part right now is picking a colour of fabric for the beaks of the small birds. i dont want the first thing you see is the beak. so i keep trying. i still have not found the basket of beads yet, but i keep looking.

one of my clients asked me if i missed having a man around. sometimes i do. i miss someone at night when i go to bed. i have never slept well when i have been alone.


yesterday was a very long day. i am still feeling tired but have to get dressed and go out. i have 4 stops to make. i also need to think of something for dinner. i dont want to sit someplace and eat alone today. some days i dont mind but today not so much.

its valentines on monday. brent always made such a huge deal about it. spoiled me and made me feel so special. i miss that alot. when i have so many special memories of him and still cant believe he is gone.