my day off today. i slept in thank goodness. i feel somewhat rested. i have a list of things i want to get done today. but i also dont want to spend the whole day doing chores. i got a few things done yesterday. i am still not sure what to do with the sun room. do i try and finish it myself or just leave it. i need to decide something before i start moving things around again. once the stores open again maybe that will help me decide. i need to start a list of things i need i dont normally buy, like light bulbs.

i am still working on the quilt. trying to put on at least 2 pieces a day. and working with that aim i can start to see some progress now. once this side is done i will embroider the accents.

i did some work in the sunroom. moving the furniture around and sweeping . most of the big things near the door is for the shed. i have alot to bring to the basement as well. not sure which i should do first. probly the basement. it will take many trips to the basement to bring all the jars etc down.

i am going from one extreme to the other where food is concerned...i am either eating alot or not at all. most of the time i am not hungry i eat because of the meds i am on, or i am bored and lonely.

this quilt i am working on has become almost obsessive. all i want to do is work on it and nothing else. i can see the progress as the pieces go on but i dont understand this obsession. i go to bed thinking about the next pieces to go on. i get up thinking of what i can do next. i just dont get it.

i have had my shower and go to work later today as i work evenings today. i always have something to work on at break time just not sure what to take for lunch. wish my driverside window worked as i would go get take out. with the lockdown there are no walkins right now and the weather is supposed to be crappy later anyhow. i am never going to finish weeding out the gardens at this rate.

its mothers day weekend. i am not expecting anything so i wont be disappointed. not sure what i can do with myself other than work on my quilt. maybe i will treat myself to some sushi or something else fun. being as i cant shop at micheals right now. or maybe just stay home and hide.