so i got sent home from work yesterday. not because i did anything wrong. the rapid test i have to do every day when i go to work showed 2 lines. not good. so i came straight back home. called work. kinda sureal never thought i would get it.

there has been a covid out break at the retirement home so maybe i should not be surprised. i have had my shots, and a booster. so far the only thing that has changed is the fact that i cant stop coughing. i thought it was acid reflux at first, but its not. its calmed down a bit today. i am doing ok overall though. just a bit tired, but i am always tired.

got a few things done today. dishes, started to brush out the rabbit, i took him outside so the fur can fly away. it was raining so i didnt stay out too long . took another bin to the basement . looked for that stupid shelf, still cant find it. maybe i got rid of it i dont know. i was going to put it on the display tree that my son helped to build last weekend. took the tree down and that bin went to the basement. washed the corners and moved the chairs around. trying to sort out things in the living room for selling etc. made dinner, breaded mexican chicken, and coleslaw i think.

its been hard trying to get this together on my own. i am really trying to remember things that ruth taught me. i have forgotten alot. i ordered the business cards, and they look great! i designed them myself and my son and i designed the display tree as well. it turned out great. now the top needs to be screwed to the base and i can paint. i found a metal display tree in the basement as well. will paint that and it will be used how i am not sure yet. i have one more bin to repack and then i am finally done with xmas.

i also put out the bird feeder today. alot of the snow is gone and i see alot of birds around. maybe the birds can use the rabbit fur as well for the nest.

i am trying new things to sell. first was a knitted ball, and next is a crochet beaded lizard, next will come a knitted teddy bear. while looking for the shelf for the display tree i found a binder with some old patterns for knitting a bear. its small so i think it will be a good thing to make up. something a child might like. also found a basic knitted doll pattern as well. will have to design some clothes for it.

i decided i am going to start using more of what i have canned up. being as brent is not here no point in letting it just sit there. i lucky to have the skills to be able do canning. it saves me money and time on days when i dont have the energy to cook.

so now i am home for about a week. the idea now is to try and get some things done i have been putting dusting the bookcase . washing the kitchen cupboards , and sorting some more of the pantry...see how much i get done...

as i check my friends list and see who is online i am reminded of the chat rooms on yahoo. one could go in and find someone to chat with and spend time with others for a while. i miss those. i had many friends in the chatrooms. i knew i would never meet any of them but it was nice to have someone to chat with. i am finding the house too quiet again. maybe because i have to stay home for a week. i use work as a way to talk to people and get out of the house. now i dont have that. i wonder what i will be like when i am not working and really stuck at home because i need a wheelchair....