so its my day off and there are many things on my plate today i want to get done. i am just not sure how much i will be able to get done with my energy levels today.

its late and i am still up watching tv. i am over tired and still have to get the garbage out. the nights are colder now and i dont want to go out. but it must be done. i did get the aviary done and cat boxes.

i did go and make dinner for my client too. thursdays are usually mac and cheese and muffins. i also dropped off some stock at the store. only took a few weeks to remember to bring it with me , finally. my memory is getting worse these days. i am glad i remembered and the new things are out. they wont sell in the basket in the house. i also noticed that their was a class going on tonight and by spur of the moment i decided after cooking dinner i would go. it was fun just to get out again and do something that is not work. i made a painted mandela. it turned out ok. its drying in the car. i figured if i brought it in the cats would walk all over it.

i am still finding the nights hard. i dont like to sleep alone. the house just feels so empty with out brent here. his voice would fill the room. i still have a couple of messages on the answering machine. i still play them now and again just to hear his voice and believe he was real in my life.