so its saturday and i am working all weekend, still split shift and i will still be very tired by monday night. i have to pas last weekend my friend lauren and i went thrift hopping , i donated some things as well. i found some fun things as al and a set of sheets for the single bed just in case son needs to spend some time here again. i really liked having sommyeone in the house again. made me feel needed somewhat. i didnt feel so alone all the time knowing he was here. i miss having him here. it really gave me a reason to cook. it forced me to try and keep up with cleaning too.

lauren also took me to a crafters market. she suggested i try sell some of what i make there. so hence why i am making the hanging birds. i only planned on making a couple. one for me and one for her . it takes me a long time to make just one. its all hand done and embroidered as well. i am certainly not in it to make money. just to some of my work out there. just wish i could find the basket of beads.


it has been a very long day. i am ready for bed, i need a shower first. i brought lauren one of my xstitch books to borrow. she was looking for some lettering charts. i was glad i could help.

i made seafood chowder for dinner. it turned out pretty good. i might do it again. i made the wrong scones though...i thought i baked the spicey ones , it was the lemon ones. i ate them anyway. will make some spicey ones tomorrow.

i was able to get some sewing done today as well. its about all i had energy for. i am just so tired. so i will close here for now....