so this has been a pretty good week. found my box of beads and my long rotary cutter ruler and my bias tape maker. tomorrow begins the large block quilt.

i need to find a small hoop as well, i want to set up a small box for making the last of my xstitch teacups. i also have a set of teapot charts as well. so i have alot to keep me busy , besides chores.


got some bias tape cut and ironed. i will use for stems on the big blocks. i reasonably sure i have enough fabric for leaves and stems.

i got the cages and aviary done. always a dusty job but glad its done. just small chores for the rest of the day. i am gonna relax with a tea and work a bit on my quilt. spending time picking the blocks and doing the planning has been good for me. remembering the good things that was in our life. i sure miss him on days like this. i dont know what he would think of the quilt now, i would like to think he would love the messages behind it.

as i was getting dressed after my shower i noticed my side of the bed has become a nest of pillows. all around me lay pillows. i dont know if it was to keep me safe or keep someone out. something for me to think about i guess. after i change the bed and i am putting all the pillows back on, there are 6, i put them all down his side of the bed. sometimes in my sleep it still feels like he is there somehow.

yesterday i was thinking since i am now the go to person to train people for this job, i should have a raise, a big one. i am now doing the job of someone above me, so i should get paid more, in my opinion.

its a rest day for me. nothing on tv so i am just puttering. doing some small things. will need to make some snack things too for work.

later...well its time for bed now...will post and if i am not too tired will write tomorrow...