the brain fog has been bad lately. i try and remind myself to write , then i forget. i think i need to make myself a reminder note.

i got word after work yesterday that the office wants me to train another student. i am both flattered and scared. i will do my best to turn out a great psw. i start working with her tomorrow. we shall see how it goes.

i am in alot of pain these days. my hips are sore all the time. some days i can hardly walk from one client to another. i put on a happy face and keep going and pretend all is well. having that much pain all the time makes me so tired. when i come home i fall asleep. not something i want to do but what my body needs to do. when i get that tired my eyes cant focus very well and feel like they are burning.

i got some chores done today on my day off. i changed the tea cups and put some things away, and did some laundry. nothing exciting but anything completed is a win right now. i made dinner and it turned out pretty good. i also finished putting the beads on one of my birds. i really like the way it turned out. i need to finish a few more and find a display to hang them. i am trying to get things ready to go for the beginning of may...for mothers day. that is my goal anyhow.

i am still working away on my quilt. finished another block the other day. i need to start looking for a backing. just not sure how big of a piece i need as the squares are not put together yet. i really am looking forward to seeing the top done.

i gave the bunny a brush today. he seemed ok with most of it and i trimmed around his eyes as well. he was happy to get back to his corner when i was done. i have found him eating cat food as well. though not good for him i cant seem to get him to stop . he also likes to drag the water dish around as well. sigh....

i finally found my box of beads...took some time but i am so glad i have finally found it. so now i can put some more beads onto the birds. i might have to buy a string or match but i have quite a few colours to start.

its getting on and i better get to bed....