these last couple of weeks have been hell. my son discovered i needed a new furnance. 5000.00 later i have that. thank goodness for credit cards. then my modem died. so i was off line for almost 2 weeks. so i had to wait for a new one to arrive. so now i am sorted for that, then the pipes froze as the basement is cooler now , so i have to leave water running on really cold days. so much for saving money....sigh.

i am starting to feel better mentally this last week or two. i am forcing myself to try and keep up on things such as dishes and washing the floors, as the bunny free ranges. with my pain levels as they are right now, i do my best. i am also making an effort to use up what i have on hand. most of it being meat as brent was always looking at that and buying it. i just find it hard to eat. i dont like the taste or texture so cover it in sauce to try and hide what i dont like.

in the mean time i am still making headway on my mourning quilt. i have prepped a few more squares for the week, one being a black and red rose. i found some random fabric in a box i can use in the quilt as well. i was looking for the red basket of large beads for the hanging birds i am making to sell. so far no beads yet. i remember seeing the basket i just cant remember where.

i am still working on getting rid of things. donating things and tossing what is garbage. as much as it bothered my son to keep some boxes i had to explain that i cant get boxes at the grocery store anymore as they are broken down and recyled. so i keep a few of the good ones. i have actually been getting rid of some of the craft things i wont use. i thought it might be hard to do but doing it in small doses was ok.

at the beginning of the year i said to myself i would make a greater effort to write more. so far that has been a bit of a bust, but every day is a new day and i can try more every day.

i have also begun the process of signing things over to my oldest son when i die. his name is on my life insurance now. the next step is to put his name on the house bank account , so he can do what needs to be done in reguards to the bills etc. anything else will have to go through a lawyer now. why? because my youngest son has gone silent with everyone including his grandmother. he has taken money from so many people with no intention of ever paying back that he will get nothing more from me. i will leave something for the girls .

the december colon exam went fine and nothing of note was found. next exam in 3 years. i see the dr next in march. i have to get blood work done next week, i wrote it in my planner as a reminder.

one thing i have to do this week is bring up the bins to put away the xmas things. as much as i love looking at all the things, its time to put it away.

its getting harder to type right now...cats want my attention and are trying to lay on the laptop. so will close for now and will plan for a new entry tomorrow.....