why is it i want someone in my life but i dont want them living in my house, does that make any sense? i would like someone special as another valentines rolls around. brent spoiled me very much on valentines. his ability to surprise me knew no bounds. i miss that about him. i have very high expectations of anyone i let into my life now. i know what i want and dont want. i wont list my wants here other than someone who wants me as much as i want him.

the house feels too big some days. i feel like i have no purpose here other than to feed the cats , rabbit and birds. in the summer i cut the grass and in the winter i shovel snow.

some guy just came by, says he is brents friend. i told him brent was dead. he says he had not heard. i am thinking if you where his friend you would have come to see him long before now. i didnt let him come in , i barely opened the door. i really didnt think i should talk to him anymore. so i closed the door.

later on

its my day off now, i slept about 10 hours. not unusual for me after working 6 days. i feel pretty good and my eyes dont burn right now from being so tired.

todays goals are cages and cat box. later on grocery store and maybe photo copy. the photocopy is for a quilt pattern. the blocks are huge. 14 in. so i need 2 copies , one to make templates from and the other to trace the pattern onto the fabric. it will take awhile to find enough cereal boxes to make all the templates. no rush for that. i still need to find the right fabric for the blocks. the finished project shows red fabric. so i am not sure what i should pick. will keep looking as i will know when i see it. this will also be a great take along project as well. i can work on one block at a time . will be on the hunt for another metal box....lol

time for tea...