wow i am really losing it. i thought i started an entry this morning. i guess not. work is work and i made it home in lots of pain. took a pain pill and rested for half an hour.

i got the tomato sauce canned up. i was worried about that as i didnt want the tomatoes to spoil before i could get to them. i have another pot on the stove cooking. there are still a few more things i want to make before i am done the big jobs.

my trading cards that i have sent out are starting to arrive at the destinations. i am so happy they are getting there safe. so far i have gotten 2 back. i also got a postcard today from Australia. it took a month for it to get here. its like wow. guess the mail in some areas is moving really slow. it was still exciting to get mail today that was not a bill! its been so long since i sent out letters and postcards, i really loved writing to penpals yrs ago. then over time alot of them just stopped writing. i can only guess as life gets in the way and things change. i have 2 letter penpals right now and 2 postcard penpals. i am ok with that. i dont have as much time to write letters as i used to. i have been using the dead time at work to write a letter or two to help the time pass.

i best go feed the birds....will be back later.

the birds are fed...and we have 4 surprise babies. brent didnt take any eggs out of the aviary when he cleaned it. so we have babies. they are new ...only about a week old.

i have been working on some more cards and some are almost ready just need a back and to be signed. i have one card to send out tomorrow. well i better get things ready for tomorrow...see you all tomorrow....