6 Month Anniversary on Coil

Today officially marks my 6th month publishing on Coil. My very first article was published on August 15th, 2019 when I had little knowledge of how the platform worked nor had any idea what the future would hold. In fact, I don't remember exactly how I found out about Coil, but I'm fairly sure it was from one of Hodor's Twitter posts this past summer.

It has been quite the journey learning so much about the technology and getting to know other creators in the community. The first post that I published was on the topic of the Dallas Mavericks accepting bitcoins as payment for their basketball game tickets. It was a video that I had posted from my previous crypto brand that I didn't end up pursuing because it didn't line up with my strengths and my vision for the future. Anyways, the post got 2 upvotes. Whoop whoop!

Fast forward to the second post I published on Coil, it took me almost an entire month to get back on the platform. September 11th was when I announced the 30-day Coil blogging challenge. I announced the challenge both for myself and also for the community so that we could all learn and grow together as one collective unit. About the same time that I launched that challenge, the Content Builders Club was born, previously known as the Coil Blogging Club.

Turns out, the birth of the club at the same time the 30-day challenge started was a huge blessing for creators. The club was, and still is, a place to bounce ideas, share stories, and receive feedback and support when it was needed most. People who work towards a common goal together form incredible bonds that can last a lifetime, and that is what has happened with the Content Builders Club.

Over these 6 months, I myself have grown as a creator while also having the privilege of watching others grow and succeed with their ideas and their creative skill sets. The amazing part about this is that it is only the beginning of the journey with so much growing and opportunity ahead. Right now is an exciting time to be alive to utilize the platforms and the technology we have at our fingertips.

An Interview with Myself:

In this section of my 6 month anniversary article, I am going to interview myself, asking myself a series of questions that I will then answer for anyone who is interested. Ready? Here we go...

Ken, what has been your favorite moment over these past 6 months on Coil?

Gee, this is a tough one since there were many moments I thoroughly enjoyed. If I had to pick one, I would say tuning into the first live stream episode of The Plan, hosted by 4 members of the Content Builders Club.

The reason I liked it so much was one, because it was funny and entertaining, and two, because I was proud to play a role in those 4 incredible people becoming good friends and it culminating in the form of a live stream series for the entire community to enjoy.

What do you like about blogging on Coil?

I like how simple and seamless it is not only to create content, but also to consume it without getting hit in the face with ads. The interface is so clean and refreshing to keep returning back to. I also like how seamless the Web Monetization payment system is and how it all just works behind the scene without me having to worry about it.

Ken, who is your favorite creator on Coil?

I wouldn't say I have a favorite per se, but I do really enjoy reading a certain creator's daily satire article. I literally laugh out loud reading each one that gets published.

What is the one thing you get most excited about related to Coil?

Thank you for asking, Ken. The biggest thing I get excited about is the vision for Web Monetization and where the entire ecosystem is headed. Stefan Thomas and Ben Sharafian have big items planned for the near and distant future and it gets me excited to know that we as creators are the pioneers leading the charge.

Web Monetization is what the web needs in order to solve the issues existing today such as intrusive ads, dozens of paywalls, and pesky data collection. The less we can have of that junk, the better. The Web Monetization vision is exciting to me and I can't wait to see it come to fruition over these next 5 years and beyond.

What concerns do you have about Coil and how does that affect you as a creator?

I don't really have concerns if you will because I know that a lot of work is being put in behind the scenes that us creators don't see everyday. One thing I would like to see change this year moving into the future is bi-weekly or monthly blogs or Tweets from the Coil staff regarding updates and/or news within the Coil and Web Monetization ecosystem.

I feel communication is important, especially for creators, to be in the know regarding the platform they are investing so much time and energy into. One recent article that I really enjoyed was the Q&A session between Patricia C. and Ben Sharafian which shed more light on what the status of Coil is and where it is headed. I hope to see more communication directly from the staff in terms of blog posts on their official Coil page.

What is your favorite article or series of articles you have published on Coil thus far?

My favorite article series is definitely Ripple Pulse. I spend more time and put more focus on it than any others and consider it to be my flagship series. I enjoy composing in-depth articles because it gives readers a rich, thorough experience that they may not get elsewhere.

Ken, where do you see yourself, as well as Coil, in the short-term, 1-3 years from now?

Evolving. If I had to put it in one word, that's what I would say. I see myself, as well as other creators, evolving alongside Coil as it matures into much more than just a blogging platform. Web Monetization is much bigger than Coil.com, as it is spanning into other arenas such as gaming, memes, video content, and more.

The sky is the limit for this emerging technology that has true utility in people's everyday lives. Coil will evolve over the next 1-3 years as the community grows due to Grant for the Web and other initiatives that help drive the ecosystem forward in a major way.

Let me just close by saying how grateful I am to not only have such an incredible home to create and share my thoughts in, but also to be doing it along an incredible group of individuals that blog on Coil and whom I've interacted with via Twitter and also the Content Builders Club.

The past 6 months on Coil has been an enjoyable ride that I hope to stay on for quite some time. Not only am I publishing on Coil.com, but now I'm also publishing on my own self-hosted site utilizing Coil's Web Monetization meta tag. I get really pumped up to see how well this technology is working now and also where it could go in the future.

Thank you for reading.

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