Coil is Highly Underestimated


An ideal that started back in 2018 to revolutionize the way creators get paid for publishing original content. A ground-breaking construct built to offer an alternative to the status quo which involved pesky ads and invasive data collection. A website where a good handful have visited, but few have stayed for the long haul.

One of the reasons creators are attracted to Coil is also a main reason that they leave through the same door they entered. Payment. Coil is attractive for many reasons, but the one that gets creators most intrigued is the ability to earn rewards on the platform in the form of USD or XRP.

The problem with this method of engagement is that when the rewards don't come, or very little comes in, one gets discouraged and quits because it doesn't benefit their life in any way. Utilizing the site or the technology for personal gain will only be fulfilling for a fixed amount of time and before the novelty is over.

In order to resolve this phenomenon, creators must grab hold of the larger opportunity at hand and truly grasp the vision that Coil has laid out from the beginning. The vision of reinventing a web that is free of clutter and junk where users can browse without hindrances. The vision of propelling micropayments forward utilizing Web Monetization and Interledger technology, placing creators back in the driver's seat where they belong.

Coil is not some random get rich quick scheme where one can jump in and start earning boat-loads of money. Quite the contrary, Coil is much bigger than that. The company has a mission to accomplish that is bigger than a single individual earning huge rewards. The person who joins to earn a quick buck and then leaves 3 weeks later highly underestimates Coil and their vision for the future.

Beta. as it stands right now is in Beta testing. Beta basically means that the company is not ready to release the full version of the site just yet and are currently testing different features with a small group of creators that desire to experiment with the platform. Currently the site has all the features a creator would need to get a great start publishing their best work.

Anyone who has joined in the past or who will join during this beta testing phase is extremely early to the party. In fact, the party hasn't even started yet as the company is still new and gearing up for some major improvements and releases over the next number of months and years. Even though it may not look like it on the surface, the Coil team is working tirelessly, making the magic happen behind the scenes.


For those who aren't yet aware, Grant for the Web is preparing to launch the opportunity to submit proposals for grant funding both to developers and creators alike. GftW is a huge step forward in the development of the Coil ecosystem, creating a web powered by Web Monetization and made possible by Interledger, or ILP.

Grant for the Web will create a tsunami of Web-Monetized websites, apps, and other projects that will sky-rocket Coil's vision to the moon and beyond. $100M is no small number to sneeze on. Much can get done by those who are passionate about the testing and implementation of Web Monetization to overshadow the old, antiquated versions of the web that many users are forced to put up with.

Coil has been underestimated before they even start gaining momentum. Creators are joining and then quitting because they aren't seeing fast enough results, which is an unfortunate event. Many are missing the bigger vision, not seeing how large an opportunity this truly is. GftW is going to be a massive jump forward to boost the Web Monetization ecosystem like never before.

The Wave.

The Coil community is fairly small at the moment, leaving a handful of committed creators posting a majority of the content. A small group is OK for the time being, but soon, the wave will begin to enter in. Once people realize how powerful Web Monetization is, there will be no stopping the masses from flooding the streets.

Creators are underestimating Coil before the wave hits and before the site enters production mode. Seasoned investors know that it is best to invest time or money into a new platform or technology before it reaches mainstream adoption. That time is now. Right now is the time to claim your Web Monetization real estate to see the biggest returns on your efforts.


A powerful aspect of Coil that is highly underestimated is the use of Web-Monetized sites outside of Yes, is a fantastic place to publish content, but it is not the only place that it can go. If you haven't already, it is a great idea to create your own self-hosted website, integrate Coil's meta tag, publish content, then link that content to

At the current moment, Coil does not have an analytics area to view how your content is performing. Publishing content on your own site such as Consistent Me or Proof of Legacy, will allow you to view detailed statistics regarding page visits, length of time viewers spend on specific articles, and so on. Coil subscribers who view your site still earns you micropayments the same as

If you do have your own Web-Monetized website, you have a greater opportunity to submit a proposal to Grant for the Web, possibly receiving funding for your project. At the moment, developers and creators do not have full detail on the scope of the proposal requirements, but owning a website that integrates Web-Monetization is definitely a plus.


Partnerships are a big deal. Oftentimes, within the XRP community, investors are looking for updates on a new partnership between Ripple and well-known financial institutions. Last year, Ripple partnered with Coil, giving them 1 billion XRP worth about $260M. Since then, Coil has been working with Imgur, Mozilla, and Creative Commons to name a few, furthering the adoption of Web Monetization in innovative ways.

In most recent news, Mozilla is launching Coil support inside their new virtual reality browser, Firefox Reality. What's neat about this is that Mozilla is inviting creators to submit their information via email regarding their Web-Monetized website. Mozilla will showcase your content on their Firefox Reality content feed.

Coil is continuing to join forces with big players across the world because they understand what it takes to see their vision come to life. The more companies that decide to adopt Web Monetization into their platforms and showcase it to their audiences, the more the word will spread causing people to prefer Web Monetization over antiquated payment methods that exist today.

To conclude, Coil is much bigger than, as the technology is continuing to expand to other markets such as gaming, social media, web-browser experiences, and more. Creators need to stop thinking small and look at Coil from a bird's eye view perspective. You have to start looking at the entire ecosystem that is being built to truly grasp the magnitude of opportunity ahead. ✦

Never give up and always believe.

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