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Coiler Alert is a periodic digest created by writer, Ken Melendez, regarding recent news and updates, including the overall health and vitality of the Coil creator's community.

Welcome to the digest.

Content creators in general are a dime a dozen. You can find them almost anywhere you turn on the internet. If you find them on Coil though, you have discovered a community that is unique and that truly cares about the work they publish into the world. It's no surprise that creators are attracted to Coil due to it's simplistic design and ability to earn rewards for publishing original pieces.

Today's digest will center around the CBC, or Content Builders Club. The CBC is an invite-only Telegram group that chats daily, supporting one another as we compose works on as well as on our own self-hosted blog sites. The CBC was created back in September 2019 out of the necessity for relationship growth. Creators desire a place specifically tailored to them, enhancing their present writing experiences.

The group had a really strong push forward starting towards the end of September and moving into the 4th quarter of 2019. At one point, the CBC had reached over 40 members, all of whom are free to come and go as they please. Recently there has been a bit of ebb and flow as a few members decided to leave the group for one reason or another. In the end, it's not as much about numbers as it is the type of engagement within the group.

Members who remain active are those who receive the most benefit from the group in terms of support and encouragement. There is a verse in the Bible that says a man reaps what he sows, which most definitely applies to joining an online community. In fact, those who have been the most active and the most excited about Coil and the CBC have seen success on the platform in terms of followers, featured articles, and earned micropayments.

The overarching premise of the CBC is constant and never-ending improvement. I believe that if you aren't growing, you're dying. One of the keys to living a fulfilling life is to continue working on different areas you wish to improve. It is the journey of growing into the person you were designed to become that is the thrilling part of it all. If you can learn to enjoy the process of growth, then the results will come as a natural byproduct. is a great place to jump in and get your feet wet as a new creator. It is also a great place to plug into if you are a seasoned creator looking to further monetize your content utilizing the newly proposed Web Monetization standard. Micropayments are the future according to CTO of Ripple, David Schwartz. The ability to get paid in real-time as subscribers view your content is an unprecedented reality that many can take advantage of today.

With the recent social distancing guidelines we've been complying with lately, people are online more than ever looking for a place to either create or consume content. Not just any type of content, but quality content they can truly sink their teeth into. People desire to follow creators whom they connect with and trust to be genuine with each work they publish.

The Coil community has retained some awesome creators since the beginning because they enjoy the atmosphere and have caught on to the long-term vision of Web Monetization. Creators who stay believe in the future potential of this groundbreaking technology and want to remain on the cutting-edge as a participant within the ecosystem.

One of the things the CBC enjoys doing collectively is support those outside of the group. We vouch for the current and future success of the platform and desire all boats, creators, to rise along with the company. Many times, CBC members who are also Coil subscribers, will sift through different articles, spending time reading and supporting different creator's articles.

Coil's upvote feature is helpful in placing original content towards the top of the trending feed. Many original works are being noticed which causes newer creators to feel welcomed. The simplicity of Coil's website makes it easy for newcomers to grow accustomed to quickly and without headache. An ad-free environment is always a plus and keeps both creators and consumers coming back for more interaction.

If interested, [go here]( to get more information on joining the CBC, a free resource for dedicated and passionate creators.

Thank you for joining in on the first installment of Coiler Alert. Hope you enjoyed it and that you are enjoying your experience on Coil as a creator / consumer.

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