Excitement for Coil's Technology and Vision



A unique company with a unique vision.

A web-based platform displaying interesting content.

A blogging community that exists to spread important messages, have fun, and meet other interesting individuals in the process.

A full-fledged staff that is eager to drive the quest of Web Monetization throughout the land.

Partnerships such as Imgur and Cinnamon are pushing the boundaries towards mass market appeal.

It is time to get excited about what Coil is doing. The technology. The vision behind it all. It is quite fascinating when put into perspective.

Back in the early days when the internet was being built and new use-cases were coming of age, coders knew that the ability to send payments natively over the web was a done deal.

The only problem was that they didn't know how the existing, antiquated world monetary system would fuse together in harmony with an emerging technology.

The information age has arisen over the years, giving people the ability to send a message to the other side of the world in less than a second.

But the question remains, what about payments? Shouldn't they be instant as well? What about being able to send a single dollar or even 10 dollars to a buddy across town in seconds like you can a text message or an email?

To make up for the fact that a particular piece of technology was missing at the time (ILP + Web Monetization), 3rd party payment companies were born such as PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App to facilitate transactions.

These companies are the middle men, the trust layers between the fund's senders and the receivers.

Interledger now makes it possible for a company or individual to send payments of any form such as a dollar, a token, etc, to a receiver, allowing them to receive that value in any form they desire.

Web Monetization gives web browsers the ability to stream micropayments to any Interledger address in existence. If you are reading this, you most likely have the Coil extension installed in your Chrome browser, streaming payments in real time to web-monetized pages.

The more the word gets out regarding Interledger and Web Monetization, the more it will spread. Coil's vision is to fundamentally change the way that people experience the internet. An ad-free, paywall free, and privacy-rich user environment.

A world exists where creators can get paid for their content without filling their sites with pesky advertisements or relying on 3rd party services such as YouTube to pay them.

When people devote their thoughts to the sheer magnitude this change can make on the future, get ready for a massive wake up call on a global scale.

Let's go.

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