Wake Up and Blog: A Feb-Revival Initiative


February has been a slow month overall for Coil content, and just content in general. It's winter-time here in the US, causing some natives to go into hibernation mode (it's cold!). No matter what the venture is, whether it's blogging, following a diet, or fitness routines, it takes consistency over an extended period of time to see serious results. Normally, an action-lull is caused by something else taking our attention away from the goal we were originally working towards.

Today is a new day, a day to launch Wake Up and Blog, or WUB. WUB is the proverbial kick in the pants that many people need, including myself, in the middle of February when the New Years resolution hype is slowed and people are waiting impatiently for Springtime to arrive. I wouldn't consider this a challenge as much as an initiative to get back into gear and refocus attention towards content creation.

How Does WUB Work?

Each week starting now, bloggers are encouraged to compose a minimum of 3 blogs per week on a single topic or multiple topics they enjoy discussing. Here's the twist... 1 of those pieces needs to include a review of a fellow creator's article. That piece needs to sport a title such as “Review of Joe Smith's article on famous basketball stars” or “My take on Betty White's life story” or “Responding to How to Make a Delicious Pizza from Scratch”.

Rules in bullet points:

✪ 3 blogs per week

✪ 1 of the 3 is a thoughtful response to another creator's article

✪ No word-length requirement but don't publish rubbish

✪ Use hashtag #wakeupandblog in social posts this month

Who is WUB For?

WUB is for bloggers across the land who either publish on Coil.com or on their own Web-Monetized website and link it on Coil. Many creators who have spent time on this site recognize how great it is to publish pure content without the hindrance of invasive ads or data collection. The WUB initiative will help keep creators engaged with Coil and Web Monetization without them moving on to other ventures.

What Will WUB Accomplish?

Wake Up and Blog is going to eliminate the action-lull alluded to at the beginning of the article, as well as get creators engaging with other creators on a deeper level. 3 blog articles per week is not difficult to accomplish but it does take a high level of consistency and determination.

**Note: WUB is not an initiative to bring new users to Coil. The main purpose is to re-activate existing users who were more active in the past to become consistent starting now and moving into the future.

When Does WUB Begin?

Now. February 10th through February 29th, 2020.

Will you be crowned a WUB king or queen?

Creators who engage in this initiative through the end of the month will be crowned a WUB king or queen.

Do you have the desire to get back into the groove? Perhaps Wake Up and Blog is right for you. I can't wait to see all of your incredible pieces come to life while drudging through the frozen tundra and sub-zero climates. It's Feb-Revival season!

Put your boots on... time to warm up and get moving!

Sitting on the fence...

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