Lighthouse Artistry

† Roshan Gurmeet Singh

They are making me count my thoughts. What the fuckkkkkkk!?

They are creating a false narrative of thoughts.

There's moonlight on my feet.

The most beautiful form of beauty is formless.

It is the turning of a page on book, in exhilaration for the next chapter.

It is the silence before lunch in a hall of a correctional facility.

It is the mystery, of something conscious and intelligent, that is Unfathomable.

Kailash is a pyramid.

Is Mother Mary my mother?


Surrogate mother?

More than that.

Maybe, I am crazy.

I am not seeking attention for whatever purposes. This is something else.

They are data mining my mind, by inserting false thoughts, about people from wherever.

They are sending the debris of other people's negative energy to supposed labelled “light workers”, giving them karma that is not theirs.

Something reptilian.