Lighthouse Artistry

I have “caught” myself at many times just coming to a centred state of awareness and realising that this consciousness is currently in this place and time.

Like a beacon reseting its coordinates.

Why experience consciousness?

Why not?

( I am paraphrasing the answer that came back immediately was “Because it can.” )

The moon smells like foamy fresh towelled laundry with hints of something citrus and metallic.

Evolution and God are synonymous.

Man had to evolve to the point where the species becomes aware of something that is bigger than itself.

That something, is conscious.

There is a psychic force field around the moon.

One word horror movie: Responsibility.

I am experiencing a thousand consciousness currently.

The sunset and sunrise both have your name in them✨

Your perception is its existence.

Keeping the physical body healthy is of the utmost importance.

Music is perhaps, a reason to experience consciousness.