Lighthouse Artistry

† Roshan Gurmeet Singh

Nagin ko been kay saath nachaatey hain, lekin useh malum nehi hai kay, naagin ki zeher saath samundar ko saas dethi hai.


Serpents are refractions of leaves.

A blind watchmaker creates a timepiece that fermentates vision.

It is the Mystery than tells the time, not the known. Just as drops of Sunlight dancing upon the palms of each hand, elevates the concept of numbers.

Each pulse of a heartbeat is accentuated by irregularity not symmetry.

The serendipitiousness canvas of Now is the carpentry of tomorrow.

The watchmaker understands thoughtlessness, therefore The Unfathomable visualizes Uncreation.

The non-duality of timelessness is evolution watching the watchmaker, wildly, with no retrospect nor forethought, whilst the watchmaker turns the page, of the reading of evolution.

When bread rises from the astronomical communion of surreptitious design, minerals are the inconspicuous grains which tides the shores of the spheres of zero gravity.

The motif of motiflessness are the clouds of thoughts which perpetuate the inertia of tachyonization, which goes beyond the speed of light, ayond the celerity of sound and perceptibility.

She who steals the flute, also composes the music.

I can make women cream Gesso.

And it would become liquid selenite. which glows in the dark.

I can make planets fucking climax.

The human mitochondria is 50 to 70,000 times more powerful than the Sun.

Women are galaxies, men are meteorites.

Every starstorm is a conception.

The edge is always stretching.

Go and take a walk in the forest, eat organic healthy foods and get some Sunlight.

Be kind to yourself, love yourself first and never stop fighting for what you believe in.

Your heart is a mirror of the Sun's rays ☀️🌈

Freedom is a natural state of being ✨🔥🌙

Destruction is an embracement of impermanence.