Lighthouse Artistry

I live in Singapore, one of the most capitalistic countries in the world.

Don't be fooled by appearances, that this place is one of the most “wealthiest” country in the world.

Firstly, what is most of the wealth based on ?

The exploitation of people and Nature.

Secondly, the mindset of most citizens here have been severely conditioned and programmed – that the only way of life is, materialism. The pollution of materialism has gone to the extent, that it has penetrated places of spirituality.

There are spiritual places where I have gone to domestically and regionally, where the priest/monk/Master/teacher are all talking only about money or leading a conversation only to finances. I have never felt so turned off by their approach to sell spirituality as a package deal to alleviate one's ailments.

It seems like they are praying to money instead of The Almighty.

They may live in grandeur, but, in my perspective, they are nothing but beggars.

I wish I have a 100 million dollars in cash, so that I can burn it.

I want to see those pieces of paper engulf in an inferno, and let the ashes fall upon the skin of human beings, as a reminder of the transience of meaning.

Light is visible sound ; Sound is audible light.

Therefore, the sound of a rainbow is a symphony of light.

Consciousness is the form of formlessness perceiving the formlessness of forms.

What is emptiness ?

No – thing and everything.

Emptiness is the form of no – thing and the formlessness of everything.

It is silence that creates music.

It is transparency that evokes colours.

It is stillness that actualizes movement in the dance of existence.

It is darkness that gives birth to light.

Duality is the lens that is used to vanquish linearity.

[ Ode To A Broken System ]

Check your calendar, what day is not a commercialized participation of consumerism in the masquerade of seasons ?

I am bitter because my stepmother abused me.

I am angry because my father is dead while he is still alive.

I am detached because my mother is living while she is dying everyday. Most of the people she helped financially, when she was stronger, have discarded her like yesterday's newspaper.

Cancer has become a business while the system radiates the family unit.

Real actors aren't getting paid but give them a like, cause they “earned it”.

The formality of concern – burn it, sincerity from strangers is more familiar than the farce of forced transactional relationships.

Every day there is an animal holocaust, yet no one gives a fuck. Who is going to be charged at the Ani – Nuremberg trials this time ?

Wars funded by greed, masses programmed by the impotent and Nature is being exiled by the polarized.

Love has been relegated into an advertisement for consumerism for a population with the attention span of a broken clock.

Schizophrenic society, intoxication is sobriety, manufactured anxiety, sedate your consciousness with all forms of brain numbing variety.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Sometimes, it is the instrument that plays the musician.

There are galaxies in the canopies of the wild.

The song of the wolves, rhythm of the eagles and melody of the dolphins are breaths of the elements.

The forests, sky, ocean and stars are pulsations of their ethereal rhapsody.