Lighthouse Artistry

The Sun said to the Moon : “I will see you at dawn and dusk.”

The Moon said to the Sun : “Even if we do not see each other, you are always, together, with me.”

There are creatures that seem to only reside in myth and stories such as aquatic humanoids, unicorns and fairies, however, they do exist.

Silence is sound, music ▶ listener and the dancer metamorphosizes into the dance.

If unity is a tree, individuality are its branches.

If unity is the sky, individuality are the prismatic clouds.

If unity is a storm, individuality are the strands of thunder.

If unity is the ocean, individuality are the exultant waves.

If unity is space, individuality are the mosaic constellations.

A couple, together, is a unit.

Just as the thorns on a rose protects the beauty of the flower,

The beauty of a rose brings out the efflorescence of the thorns' purpose.

Linearity is when your shadow reflects your movements.

Non – linearity is when your shadow walks ahead of you.

Air is a canvas, where fire writes arcane calligraphic languages with the rhythmic ink of smoke, and conceptualizes, abstract multidimensional images.

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Venom can be either poison or antidote.

Sometimes, poison is the antidote.

A zoo, is nothing more than a well curated prison for animals.