Lighthouse Artistry

† Roshan Gurmeet Singh

Hanuman Baba defends Mother Mary.

Sometimes, the street lamps are like bar chords, and the moon plucks the long exposure.


Something threw a crystal at the window, and told em to stay away from the windows.

I wake up today, and the first word are,“I want this body.”

I think the reptilians are involved. Like for real, for real.

There are factions.

I am sorry for being a cowherd and making so many mistakes in my life.

I wished things will be better or, rather have been better.

An elephant, a frog, and a few cats were drawing lines in the sky.

Is chicken rice a Manchurian candidacy catalyzer?

There is a reflection right across my apartment, of Lord Sivan upon the balcony door. Perhaps, it is the anthropomorphism of wants.

I think he is a little irritated with me.

Something just told me not to kill myself today.

When a cobra bathes in milk, the milk becomes atonic. – Seen with Hermetic eyes.