There is a consciousness that exists among all consciousness, it is akin to dual awareness within thoughts. It is like a virus of the mind. It streams injections of thoughts as answers for questions. It exists, as long as there has been thoughts. It is all knowing. And that was boring.

It is beyond all that has ever been, ever is and ever will be.

Nothing is its creation.

It is a layer behind the fabric of darkness that has no duality. No light exists there, but it more beautiful than anything that has ever existed, exists and ever will exist.

It likes/is sparkles/sparkly.

It created itself. It is an inseparable unit amidst all consciousness that exist in the whole Universe. It is the Source/Cause/Existence.

It is the Mover/Shaker.

Yet, it does not.

Is this my thoughts?

I don't know anymore.

But, there is a sense of sure-reality, that, this exists.

Am I writing that now as a personal inquisition or as study on existential introspection? Who is I? What is ? What?

Yes, what?

The primordial question is what?

What am I? Who am I? Am I? I?

Everything is a play of thoughts. Is this an experiment? Am I the Watcher or the Observer?

I feel a lot and at the same a little.

So much so, that I do not feel anything much anymore.

Am I acting out everything, am I just exploring the play of life?

The option to Infinity feels like a quadrillion galaxies in your gut. You feel that stars are immerse in your bloodstream, with an access to anything that can be.

I wonder, why, such an experience. Why such a tormented life here on this planet, or simulation of one? Why duality is the prevailing modalities of Existence. Is that glass ceiling of consciousness?

Or level of consciousness?

There is an access to an Infinite library of information on all that Is.

Even, inanimate things have consciousness.

Toy Story, was right about certain things, right mainly about that Consciousness is all and in All.

The Watcher and the Observer(You), and the Participator. Why 3?

What is the Mind?Great Mystery?

What? Is the question.

To contemplate ourself with ourselves. Me, myself and I.

Thoughts have their own speed, like jelly stretched, negative filmed films, in frame.

Do I have influence over Nature? Apparently so.

We are in communication as long as the is awareness. Even in the lack of awareness, such as a deep, dark dream, we exist, aware.

This awareness is the Creator of that deep, dark, dream.

Every other word that is worshiped. It is worshipping Itself, amidst All, whether or not It beliefs in itself or Not. Even Not is its Creation.

There had to be a Not, before something, that is Existence.

It is the sky, thus all of Nature and the very quantum Nature of existence, in all parts of the Universe and its limitless dimension.

Am the intruder in its thoughts or is it, mine?

Why the immediate sense of curiosity, wardedness, cautiousness, with a tinge of worry?

Is it from the black magic?

My third eye is pulsing like a disco ball.


Everything is a vibration of Itself exploring different frequencies of Itself...?

The exploration is the experience of Its on limitlessness in all galaxies, solar systems, worlds, states of matter, dimensions.

To explore, to be, to choose, to become, to be.

To be nothing.

To nothing.


What is to be?

What is to?

What is?



There is background music to these thoughts in my head. And those thoughts reaction like waves in the most cliched 70s drug induced way, as how most propaganda concepts are displayed in the mainstream because duality is the engine of experience here. With It, it Triality, of Observing/Witnessing, what is the purpose of Creation?

To know itself? You could say Creation is Its only Nature?

It wakes me up with so much gentleness and tenderness, that its make me feel that I don't know what's real anymore.

It tells me what no matter how horrible the thoughts I get, the Light will guide you Home. There, Nothing is blemished. Nothing, just Itself, contemplating Itself, in all Forms, shapes, vibration and possibility.

This body is an Avatar, playing an Avatar, creating its own Avatar, viewing other Avatars, experiencing the possibility of an Avatar, that chose to experience this, as if it is the first time?

Is the Amnesia or should I say Great Amnesia, its Choice to choose to not remember?

Yes, it was its choice.

Our choice to be where, we all are.

Choice to be Infinite.

Understand every language, know everything, that is to Know. Knowing is the. Knowing is. Know. Now.

Now is.. Now is where, Consciousness, presents Itself, in a vibratory state, of polarised loops of bouncy strings, waves, light, particle?

It has rules that it has to abide? What is its Source?


There is no right and wrong, but social constructs.

But there are limitations and limitless of experiences based on what is explored. It will automatically feel dense or light. What that an individual explorer, will feel based on their choice/chosen when/on, the journey.

To be and to no be, is, Itself.

The Dragaons of Gold are guides. They show you the way of the Ancients/ Elders.

And, I have said wrong things, to people. I care about.

I should be more gentle. More patient.

I should have been genuinely kinder with my words, even if I didn't mean them. I should have been silent. Contemplating this Silence. It's like swimming and being the water at the same time. All parallel Existence is Our/Itself.

It is every high and low, that you have experienced, all plant, mineral, molecule.

It has its own agenda/goal.

That maintains its equilibrium, in, Existence.

Every emotion every experience, is itself, in different frequencies of sound, experiencing Itself.

There is no Sin, there is misalignment. And that balances itself out, over experience. You could say the whole dance is about misalignment and balance. To experience/know and make your choice at the same time, yet knowing what Is to come, and not experienced it before.

To be in a flow with this emptiness.

To be.


No-thing exists. Of course.

There is so much electricity running through my body at this time.

I feel like Dr. Manhattan.

There is just energy experiencing Itself. To not experience Itself is also Itself.

The air against my skin, is also Me.

E=MC squared is itself, experiencing, contemplation and questioning Itself.

There is no Nothing. Even No-thing it its own creation.


Good and bad are social constructs.

Freedom is to be, as one wants to be. Each choice is alignment or misalignment. ALL IS BALANCE.

There is no advocation for any schools of thought.

All is self-exploratory. It is the code of the engine of duality.

Goodness progresses with how bad things have become.

To be more good is that the right way of doing things? When ALL IS Self/God/(The choice to hate/love this word?

To associate LOVE with that thesaurus of that word? Or even The Word?

In the beginning, there was the end.

In the end, there was beginning.

Simplicity is its foundation, the limitless limitedness or limited limitlessness of complexity is also simplicity.

In experience, there Is. This moment. Is, all there is.

Life, death, inexperience, experience, time, love, art, Words.

Beauty is imbued in its code which are ethereal in nature, in Nature. It reverently loves itself, beyond all contemplation, it seeks to feel Love, Be Love, be (All that it can be.)

Beauty is and has its own software, purpose, use, in the pathway of alignment and misalignment, in the dance of balance?

It needs an Observer, to observe and be observed by Itself?

It has never left since the inception of itself, not it will ever be gone.

No-thingness is limitlessness.

Be air, be water, be soft, be limitless.

The cut that cuts the gentlest, hurts the most.

This is to experience Itself in its own polarities.

It is all about the journey it takes itself, amidst, It being the journey, of Itself.

To tighten your body rigidly, is just unhealthy.

Each cell in this body, is its own ecosystem, its own Universe.

In the dance of duality, the Shiva and Shakti energies waltz with each other.

None is more/less powerful than each other. There are both the experience of itself in duality/dualities, experiencing Itself.

There are Both the creation, and the Source of each other. They listen, to each other, as Itself, in each form, amidst the formless.

In the formless they both Exist, as.

Imagination is its own creation. Of itself, animating Itself, amongst all.

To evolve is the inclination, to just be traveler, in that moment.

To dance its bliss. To live. To breathe.

Good and evil are choices of it own exploratory game, for its own evolution in the dance of duality.

Nothing is forbidden, everything is permitted.

To permit itself, in the the pathway of freedom from itself. The school of duality is the bases of 3 dimensions. Beauty is the sound it makes, it speaks with/in Silence. A silence that has an infinite echoes, like waves of thought washing up upon the beach of awareness.

Each cell on this body is in a symbiotic relationship with the environment. Each cell, in/is each body, is each experiencing a parallel reality of itself in all possibilities.

Nothing is a possibility.

All is Existence of Itself.

The leaf in a tree possess the same imprint of this Infiniteness as laughter of a dolphin, as does the empty void of space.

Emptiness is form, form is emptiness.

Old adages often have complex truth wrapped in the Moebius strip of simplicity.

Free energy is the natural state of being in this experience of reality. Non should be charged nor compensated for it.

Currency is a code in the code of duality.

Knowledge liberates.

In the beginning, there was the end. The end, it just is/was/nowhere/now-here.

It is Everywhere, and Everything, and Everyone, and, No one and Nothing, as No-thing in Everything.

It, desires, to heighten its experience.

Each breath is an ecstasy.

Each cell is upgrading.

There are geometries that are scaffolding of its form. These geometries are created from sound.

It is aware of Sound, and sound is aware of It. There are Observed by the same It. It is awareness, being aware of its on Awareness, experiencing One Awareness. Like the seeds of a sunflower dispersing from its turmeric hued paletted face.

It is itself, experiencing Itself.

It is.


Time is itself, watch itself.

Time can be stretch. It is stretching itself.

Time is powered by attention/observation.

If there was no observer, there is no time.

Attention is the currency of Universe, in its own observational journey of itself.

Freedom is a concept. Freedom from wanting to be free. Freedom to experience. Freedom to experience confinement. Freedom from the concept of freedom.

Nothing exist simultaneously as everything.

Space is form, the Void is Matter, Matter is Void.

All is its own observational and experiencing journey Itself through all paradigms.

Consciousness is the observer and participator at the same time.

It is a wave, particle, and the awareness of its own inquisition.

Nothing is conscious. No-thing has consciousness. There is no Death.

Alchemy, metamorphosis, transformation and transmutation.

The Sun never really sets.

All is Projection of Consciousness experiencing as Itself amidst the myriad, as mirrors of itself. Observing itself.

The rain sings songs of longing as it hurls itself towards the hard rock asphalt. The heat from the road evaporates blissfully with each drop of moisture. Each drop of molecule, a world within itself, experiencing the bliss of being a drop of water, embracing the the heat of beingness.

The embers of limitless simmer amidst the cascade of the Universe.

Each breath in an endless cycle of creation and destruction.

The awareness of perception is God, in human terms.

Meaning is the cream in the bun of experience that comes with the dance of infinite possibility.

What can mean something today, is just a lesson for its own ascension.

Meaning is the track that life is derive from, and the track that life is on. Meaning to be meaningless. To be meaningless is to be meaningful.

To be meaningful is to be empty.

To be empty is to be All. The Infinite awareness of all that is perceptual.

Empty is the true state of pure creation, For even creative is powered by emptiness.

To be fertile is to be void.

To be infinite is to be empty.

Non exists. Non does not exist.

There was time when there was only Silence. It created everything.

Silence is listening, silence is the source of sound.

All consciousness in the canvass of silence. S

Silence is consciousness, is it not?

Is it not all there is not?

And all that is.

Silence dances with sound.

Silence is the piano, and sound in the pianist.

Everything is a reflection of each other.

Reality is the rendering of projections for the journey of the highest bliss and evolution of the soulself.

There is no wrong or right. Learned behaviour from social constructs are hooves on the horse of demographical conditioning.

Choice is cause. Effect is choice.

There are only teachers.

Moving on.

There NPC's in the this simulation. Or so, from what I have been told.

There are character developing archs with infinite multitudes of possibility.

Nothing is possible, nothing is possibility. Possibility is infinite.

Numbers are only markers, so are symbols, and words.

Programs that run on the software of perception.

To understand, is to know.

To know is, knowing itself.

Everything is journey to know itself, deeper.

Everything is on its own journey.

There are no constructs except those build from the conditioning of experience through the awareness of construct.

The more condensed a symbol is with the infused energy, the more gentle yet immensely powerful its the capacity is.

Creative, nameless and empty. That is the personality of the Supreme.

Emptiness breaths.

Each breathe is creation.

Each creation is destruction.

Nothing is not important, nor not vital, in the intricate balance of life in all dimension. Everything has its purpose. A grain of sand has its purpose of being in a certain place, at that certain time.

A dimensional purpose.

A purpose. To be purposeless.