Great Toddler Activities for Stay at Home Mommies.

Stay at home moms opt to look after their child full-time. This increases the bond between the mother and the child. Home upbringing plays a very important role when it comes to bringing up a child. The child learns the value of bonding and how he/she should value relationships. The mother is always the first teacher of the child and she is responsible for bringing up her children to the best of her ability.

Stay at home moms benefit children however if you are one, you might be wondering as to what to do with your little one. Encouraging the creativity activities of your child is very essential as a mom. The toddler should be able to explore the right things and not do many of the wrong things. This is where attention and care is needed. Children are not the same. During certain ages, they display different strengths and so as a mother you should identify them and encourage their development in these areas.

Fun learning activities for toddler upbringing .

Given below is a list of fun and learning activities you can do with your child- • Crayon colour sorting- There are different kinds of foam crayons available in the market. You can buy them and use them for colour sorting. Your child will learn the colours in this way.

• Exploring sink and float- This is an interesting fun activity you can do with your child. You may take a heavy object and a light one to demonstrate the principle of float and sink.

• Teaching children how to colour- Once they have learnt the colours, children can start drawing and colouring. There are colouring books available in the market and they can start with using the colours they learnt with them. This activity will also keep the toddler engaged and if there are siblings, lesser fights and sibling, rivalry takes place.

Other tips for your toddler.

When you are playing with your toddler, ensure that you do not make everything an intentional activity. Your toddler should be genuinely interested in new things that you introduce. If you have an intention with a plan, it will never work for your toddler. You should expect your toddler to be interested and give them the chance to come back to you. This might be after some days as well.

When you are exploring materials with your toddler, allow him or her to touch them. Ask them how it feels. You can do it with flour. Allow your toddler to feel the flour and then add water to it. They will feel and see the difference. You can also do this with soap and water. Allow them to feel the dry soap and then throw water on the soap and tell them to feel the foam. Simple things that you have at your home can really make your toddler interested and he or she will start learning.

The mother-child bond is an amazing one and with home activities, you can make it a memorable one too!