Logistic Success

A research and operations lab

Logistic Success is a research and operations lab that executes projects to increase humanity's log odds of survival. We seek to understand AI safety by writing distillations and commentary in order to work on sociotechnical projects.

Research directions

  1. Clarifying AI timelines to inform what to work on and how to spend money. How does the Biological Anchors report and its responses inform timelines?

  2. Distilling the safety and governance fundamentals.

  3. What are our cruxes for working on AI safety?

  4. What are logarithms and expected value?

  5. Research questions and nearcasting for AI strategy.

  6. Independent thinking exercises and other exercises.

  7. Distilling ML concepts and prerequisites.

  8. Distilling Dan Hendrycks, Paul Christiano, and Rohin Shah’s papers.

  9. How does What We Owe The Future and “The Most Important Century” series inform what to work on?

  10. What are the alignment plans of different organizations?

  11. What do OpenPhil, CSET, and OpenAI write about?

  12. What do “The Sequences” say about AI?

  13. What does the compute supply chain look like?

  14. What does the training process of AI look like?

  15. How do systems, international relations, and game theory work?

  16. How do you identify promising people, match peers and projects, and form good teams?

  17. How would Logistic Success deploy $10k or $100k?


Lowell Dennings – Member of Research Team

Lowell writes a personal blog at lowelldennings.com, and ran Prospect technical AI safety research hub in Berkeley during Summer 2022, and has done event operations.

Logistic Success is working on increasing Lowell’s output and finding collaborators.


Logistic Success’ research is currently funded by Lowell’s savings.