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In making sushi, nori is an essential ingredient. A black dried seaweed that forms a paper to wrap the rice and fish in. Most Japanese people only buy a good nori so some don't know a lot about the various grades of nori.

Different nori grades have their own unique flavor and texture. The (Japanese) grade rank follows: gold, silver, yellow, green, and red/purple. The gold grade is the highest quality, and it is characterized by its smooth texture, delicate flavor, and almost black in color. Silver grade is a little less expensive than gold but it's still hard to distinguish unless you eat it side by side.

Yellow grade is the black sheep of nori. It is thick as it uses a dense net of cheap seaweed, giving a strong chewy texture. It is greener in colour, with a strong algae like flavour. Basically tastes blegh.

Occasionally our supplier throws it in as an alternative when the gold grade stuff isn't available, but we really don't want it as it is too noticable. Oddly the grade below that, green, is an acceptible flavour that we WOULD use in sushi. I have no clue why the green doesn't come before yellow.

You can buy Yamamotoyama Yellow grade nori for around £11 on Amazon as of April, 2023. The same company exports this but doesn't sell this grade Nori to the Japanese.

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