Antibody Test

Unexpectedly at the start of last month I got a letter saying I'd been selected for a random antibody test as part of a study to see how prevalent antibodies were in the general population. How I got selected I have no idea. Anyway I signed up as I was very curious to find out if I had had Covid and been asymptomatic or what.

A couple of week later the test kit turned up in the post.

Antibody test paraphernalia

It was a case of pricking the skin on a fingertip and putting a drop of blood on the test. That proved harder than I thought and it looked a little messy!

Then wait 10 minutes. The C on the test is for Control and the line is there to show the test was working. If there was a line by either, or both, the G or the M then it would be positive.

negative test

And as you can see I'm negative for Covid antibodies.

Then there was a small online survey to complete while reporting back the results. Various questions about how cautious or not I'd been with regard to social distancing and the situations I had been in (public transport, shops, restaurants etc).

Happy to be part of the survey and intrigued to see I've not had it.