I found Jesus at the bottom of a hole and He said Keep digging Which I wasn't expecting And I said is it just me or Is it getting hotter And He said It's always just you. And I said But then how do I get out? And He said, Fear God. Do not be afraid. And I said ummmmmmmm.

I put down my shovel and sat for a while I thought He might have still been there and so I ventured another question

How did you get out, then? He smiled and looked at me. It's always just Me. Yes, yes, but what does that mean? He sighed. Does it have to mean something?

I'm not trying to be abstract, I said This is not some grand theory I'm constructing It's a very practical predicament I gestured impatiently

How fortunate, He said It's a very practical solution Right up your alley Dare I say, right down this hole

I said nothing He said Keep digging I said are you sure He said Well you give the impression Of needing to do something

I said it's alright for you You're stronger than the power of this grave Or so I've been told He said that part was important but there was more to it than that

I said, where does that leave us? He said, at the bottom of a hole I said, where does that leave me? He said, at the bottom of a hole with me I said, that's something