Writings by Neil Martin

  1. How beautiful is it to know that you have a loving partner who is always there to support you, to help you, to hold you.
  2. Having a bunch of friends who will help you with anything no matter what, and will always support you in life.
  3. Having your parents and sisters by your side, always guiding you and helping you in navigating the challenges of life.
  4. Knowing your partner is addicted to you and is crazily in love with you.
  5. Having the ability to learn anything in life, to anywhere you want in life, to enjoy whatever meal you want, to see whatever you want to, to do whatever you feel like.
  6. I am the luckiest person alive in the whole world.

How Lucky I am ? There are several people i have encountered in my life, both directly and indirectly. Few of which stood out are the ones who are differently abled. The boy who threw a small pebble, rock on my face. Ibrahim Hammatto, the egyptian table teniss player with no hands. The ballet dancer who has no hands yet being a phenomenal dancer. People who suffer from downsyndrome and autism. Yet they are one of the best in their fields of interest, doing absolutely phenomenal work despite of the challenges they have. There is nothing wrong with my body, yet i am not giving my 100%. I see people around me with quite a less amount of priviledge yet they do so much in their life. it seems they have much stronger drive in their life. The blind body builder , the person in my gym who can't see. These are the outliers who i belive are one of the strongest people. I achive to make my parents proud by being an Outlier in life. Reaching my full potential, infact always pushing myself to the limit and enhancing the limit is what life is about. I am going to do it.

The importance of family. Your dad did his best with whatever he had in life, whatever his education was, he superseeded the most. Make him proud, Don't crib and cry about everything. Work smartly and hardly, always try and try.

#Dreams vs #Society 1. Never forget the sacrifices made by your mom and dad, they both have struggled very hard, be fair to both of them and make them proud. 2. Read more and write the most. 3. Life is too short for having arguments, regrets, bad habits and misunderstandings. 4. Multiple sacrifices have been made by people who are closed to you, that's how you are where you are right now. Don't disappoint them by givingup 5. Remember when you think of giving up, look who is watching. (your family) 6. Studying is more important than partying. 7. Travelling is fun and liberating. 8.You don't need assurance from anyone else but yourself to get started. 9. The less things you get attached to the less things control you. 10. Don't escape reality, don't live in illusion, Don't day dream all the time, Don't fantasize about an easy life. 11. Take risks, learn from it, avoid the comfort zone. 12. It is better to be alone and fearless, than in a wrong group and be fearful. 13. Talk is cheap, action is what matters and what counts. 14. Below the neck you are worth few pennies to a dollar, above the neck you are worth as much as you can create. 15. God has promised me success, so what can people around me do ? No one can stop me but myself.
16. You are loosing your life, one minute at a time. 17. Everest 10 times, Choyu 4 times, Mannasuran 5 times, and you ?? 18. What did you wanted to be ?? Raymond K Hessel ?? 19. Tomorrow will the most important and beautiful day of your life, your breakfast will taste better than any other meal you and i have ever tasted. 19. No Fear, No Distractions, the ability to let that which does not matter, truly slide. 20. you will regret the things you didn't do, compared to the things you did. 21. Never be afraid to spend money , time and energy on yourself and your family. 22. Grit is about working on something you care so much about that you will stay loyal to it no matter what happens. 23. To be the best in your field, you have to bring out the best of yourself. 24. You got the tools, now it is time to use it. 25. Not just falling in love with what you do, but more importantly staying in love with what you do. 26. Making your family proud. 27.Your company defines you, people who you hangout with. 28. Avoid distractions, always remember who is watching you, don't disappoint them. 29. Take risks, be bold. 30. Never forget your dreams make sure to remind yourself of what you want or else people will tell you what to do in life.

Daily * There are many ways in which we can look this world at First is to strive hard at life, make a living ,create a rot eco system where you are blinded by the work you do and later on in life regret what happened to you. Second is to make sure to keep your inner self alive

  • Storage has always been important for businesses. Storage is the place where you put your data, in case it's physical or virtual. Storage is needed to classify and organize everything you have to keep track of what you own and how much of something do you need.
  • In computing, storage refers to computer memory devices used to store data on an otherwise temporary or permanent basis for use in a computer or other digital electronic device. The most common forms are semiconductor memories (such as DRAM and SRAM), magnetic disks such as hard disk drives (HDDs) and optical discs, flash memory including solid-state drives (SSD). Storage can also be referred to as all peripherals that support information flow between primary memory and secondary storage. Storage devices are distinguished from other computer components by the fact that they do not need to be present for programs to run. Storage is a constant concern in technology as it’s necessary to keep every piece of data safe, secure, and available for users if needed.
  • The future of Storage: With more businesses moving towards the cloud, Storage becomes an even more important issue. Cloud storage is a way of storing data on remote servers instead of your personal computer or device. This means you can access your files from any internet-connected device without having to carry them around with you. The popularity of cloud storage has increased massively in recent years. Storage is an important factor when choosing a cloud service as the number of data businesses use can vary hugely, and it’s necessary to have enough Storage space for all your needs. The most popular cloud services are Google Drive, iCloud and Dropbox, with other providers like OneDrive and Box gaining popularity too.
  • NetApp’s contribution to Storage industry: Storage is always changing and evolving as new technologies are developed. NetApp recognised this early on and started developing its storage solutions. Netapp has been around since 1992 when it was founded by David Hitz, James Lau, Michael Malcolm, and others. They have been a cloud storage solution from the beginning with their storage appliances . In 1998 they were one of the first to introduce an enterprise-class cloud computing architecture on cloud service provider infrastructure. In March 2013 they acquired storage, cloud services provider Engenio Information Technologies Inc., which serves cloud service providers and large enterprises. They soon became a leading provider of storage systems for both public and private clouds. NetApp is one of the leading cloud storage companies in the world. Their cloud solutions contribute to cloud computing and storage, while also supporting cloud providers through their cloud solutions like Cloud Volumes ONTAP (cDOT) and Cloudboost. They can serve cloud service providers by running their cloud storage solutions on cloud computing infrastructures. According to Netapp, cloud computing is “the ability to access cloud data as though it were a local resource”. In 2016 they merged with SolidFire, a company specializing in all-flash storage, which only strengthened their position in the market. NetApp is continuing to develop new technologies and solutions that make Storage easier and more accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Artificial intelligence is one of the most important technologies that we have today. This technology allows software to do things that normally require human intelligence, like making decisions or analysing data. Artificial intelligence systems use data from cameras, microphones, and other devices to identify patterns. They then use this information to do specific tasks such as diagnosing medical conditions or understanding voice commands. Artificial Intelligence has been in existence for many years now, from simple Home-AI assistants such as Siri, Alexa.

New Artificial Intelligence advancements have led to the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) – Artificial Intelligence systems that are as smart as or smarter than humans. Artificial Intelligence can now perform far more complex tasks than it could previously, and will soon be able to make decisions based on factors beyond a specific task or instructions given by a human operator. This has led many scientists and AI experts to believe that Artificial General Intelligence is only a matter of time before Artificial Intelligence becomes an entity in itself – Artificial Superintelligence. Artificial Intelligence is intelligence that is created by people. Superintelligence is much more intelligent than regular Artificial Intelligence.

Machine learning is a process that allows AI systems to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning works by having AI systems analyse data that is inputted into it. This data can be used to help the AI understand different concepts or tasks. Additionally, machine learning is important for the development of Artificial Superintelligence, as Artificial Superintelligence must be able

Scientists, researchers and leaders from all over the world who want to make sure that Artificial General Intelligence is developed safely are in the Artificial Intelligence community. This includes people who want to make sure that Artificial Superintelligence is safe, too. The problem with Artificial Superintelligence is that it has a lot of intelligence and could overpower human intelligence. If this happens, artificial Superintelligence also can learn from every previous interaction, meaning it could store information on how to for example build a nuclear weapon. Artificial General Intelligence is still in its early stages, however recent advancements have been made into developing Artificial General Intelligence. Artificial General Intelligence will more likely than Artificial Superintelligence become a risk once it becomes Artificial Superintelligence – as Artificial General Intelligence has the potential to learn from every interaction, and is likely to be able to process data quicker. Artificial General Intelligence with Artificial Superintelligence capabilities could be used for good if developed correctly however, such as self-driving cars being able to communicate with each other and self-driving cars being able to quickly process their surroundings allowing for efficient traffic flow. Artificial Intelligence could also be used for good in the medical field, as Artificial Intelligence can process high volumes of data much quicker than a human, meaning Artificial Intelligence may be used more frequently by doctors for analysing medical scans. Artificial General Intelligence is set to be Artificial Intelligence vast beyond human comprehension, however Artificial General Intelligence is not Artificial Superintelligence. Artificial Superintelligence has the potential to learn from every previous interaction it has had with its environment, whereas Artificial General Intelligence does not have this ability – it must be taught new things.

The Artificial intelligence is making its way in all fields of the world by improving every type of work. The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is based on understanding cognition, learning and teaching like humans. It's one of the interesting topic that everybody wants to learn how it works. Artificial Neural Networks are forming an important part in Artificial intelligence. I would like to share my experience on Artificial Neural Network, Artificial Neural Networks are used to generate Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Neural Networks are spreading everywhere, the Artificial Neural Network is an attempt to simulate the functions of biological neurons in human brain.

This deep learning application can benefit people with visual impairments. Well-trained models can be deployed within screen readers to help visually challenged people to understand the context and the contents that an image may be trying to communicate. A screen reader is essentially a type of assistive technology that manifests itself as software liaisons or through specially designed hardware devices used by visually challenged people to navigate the web. It is also efficacious in general utilisation of electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, and tablets. The main goal of a screen reading assistive technology is to encode and transcribe the visual data into synthesised speech. If the screen reader contains a braille output, it generates relevant braille patterns that the user can recognize by tracing their fingers over as guided by the braille system.

Our final year Master’s project is a Captioning System for Image, which produces output in form of text and speech. Our web application system can identify the majority of images and caption them correctly with decent accuracy, But there are some problems with this web application, where a new image may not be identified accurately amongst this model. The reason for this issue is the lack of training image data. However, we have proposed a solution whereas the future model of our application will train a broad range of data sets processed through the model. We have implemented the Transformer deep learning model in our web application, which is the primary model in training and captioning huge sets of images from the data sets. We used the Django framework and Python for back-end. We train our data set using high performance GPU using software as a service provided by PaperSpace where we used the GPU RTX5000 with 30GB RAM to train our model. We created a prototype by using JavaScript for client-side dynamic interactions and form submissions with the Django framework for web-server handling. Finally, we deployed the Web application online using the Heroku Deployment service by SalesForce and synchronised the code to UbiOps inference system, which will process the user input image and leverage the training from the data set to produce accurate and descriptive captions.

Creating an Image caption generation application using deep learning and the front-end application using respective proprietary technologies has been a challenging yet fulfilling endeavour that has allowed the members of this team to not only learn and implement new things, but also helped us build character and learn to work in a team. Coming up with a well-trained deep learning model that is capable of discerning image features while at the same time, using said features for generating grammatically correct semantic sentences is a remarkable achievement. This project serves as a stepping stone for future developments and advancements in web technologies and the field of deep learning as there is always scope for improvement be it the image feature extractions, generation speed of the model or the caption generated by the model. Hopefully, This project marks a major milestone in the years to come and will be remembered with fondness and the memories of hard work and creative ingenuity will be long remembered.