Writings by Neil Martin

What else ?

I Miss the old Sonya, the fun, the enjoying life Sonya, the always playing Sonya, the believing Sonya, Living life sonya. I got a say at that time, I liked to meet Sonya.

I hate the new Swapnil, the always worried swapnil, the always tired swapnil, the greedy Swapnil, the comparing swapnil, the exhausted swapnil. I miss the Sweet Sonya. I used to love Sonya, at that time I liked to meet Sonya, now I look around that Swapnil doesn't like to do what Sonya loves. what if Sonya take over Swapnil, Sonya will be the Lover of the world and the most smiling and scholar boy around town.

  1. There are tons of things and different ways you can move ahead in life. Being in the Pre Sales is the best job you will ever have. Make sure to do the best of your chance, you won't get it again and again, prove your worth.
  2. Be Strong technically, create projects, Demos, Events, ppts.
  3. Make sure when the customer or other people interact with you let them walkout with learning and feeling like yeah, I spent really good time with Neil.

“Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind” There are lot of people in the life which you will meet, very few will remember you, even fewer you will remember, the rest just pass by. We tend to please every single person we encounter, hoping to be in their good books, living according to their opinions and one day we realise that our life has passed by and we didn't really got a chance to be ourselves but be something others wanted to be. That is not our life we lived, we lived for someone else, Life is too short to be controlled by others prespective of what you should do in life.

Some getting forced to marry agaisnt their own will, which is scary.

  1. Almost a third of your life has passed, some you have enjoyed, some you have made mistakes, some you have regretted it.
  2. Realising how little other people care about you is one of the eye-opening moments where you can focus on yourself and building your future.

It is extremely easy to complain and compare yourself towards others. however it takes simplicity and wisdom to understand, reflect on the things you have and trying to make the best out of the things you have. Like a person with no hands doesn't cry all the time wishing he had stronger arms, they make sure to make the best out of the remaining parts out of the body, like the brave ballerina, the phenomenal Olympic tennis player. The courage and the drive they have to persue the things they love with whatever things they got, is itself a big achievement for them. Nothing but Massive respect, if you can even be 1% of the things they are you will be definitely happier than you are now and be proud of yourself in future.

Sitting here, away in a foreign land, having a good job, decent money, god gifted health, I‌ can say I have everything. I am truly grateful for the same in my life. Am I happy all the time? Generally, I am, usually you and the family are the reason I am happy. I love you a lot, how I realise is that when you are away from me, I miss your presence, I miss your smile, I miss you listening to me, I miss playing with your hand. I miss hugging you, pulling your cheeks. I miss your presence, when you are with me, I don’t need to be scared in life. Making me strong, you are believing in me, you are making me brave, you're holding me and telling me everything will be alright. Furthermore, I guess that’s the reason not a day goes by thinking without you, now that I am so used to you and grateful for your presence.

  1. Always have contacts with the team, and more importantly outside the team.
  2. Speak less and listen more
  3. Work hard towards the goal you want, reach out to the different people in your circle and team.
  4. Always make notes and upgrade yourself.
  5. Always have a backup and fail – tolerant plan for yourself.
  6. Go out with lots of people and interact and make lots of meaningful connections.
  7. Always create a weekly plan and stick to it, then revise it and let others know your weekly plan.
  8. Set 30% of your time for learning new things and technologies.
  9. Make clear notes during the meetings
  10. Maintain a CRM of the relationships you have personal and professional.

  1. How beautiful is it to know that you have a loving partner who is always there to support you, to help you, to hold you.
  2. Having a bunch of friends who will help you with anything no matter what, and will always support you in life.
  3. Having your parents and sisters by your side, always guiding you and helping you in navigating the challenges of life.
  4. Knowing your partner is addicted to you and is crazily in love with you.
  5. Having the ability to learn anything in life, to anywhere you want in life, to enjoy whatever meal you want, to see whatever you want to, to do whatever you feel like.
  6. I am the luckiest person alive in the whole world.

How Lucky I am ? There are several people i have encountered in my life, both directly and indirectly. Few of which stood out are the ones who are differently abled. The boy who threw a small pebble, rock on my face. Ibrahim Hammatto, the egyptian table teniss player with no hands. The ballet dancer who has no hands yet being a phenomenal dancer. People who suffer from downsyndrome and autism. Yet they are one of the best in their fields of interest, doing absolutely phenomenal work despite of the challenges they have. There is nothing wrong with my body, yet i am not giving my 100%. I see people around me with quite a less amount of priviledge yet they do so much in their life. it seems they have much stronger drive in their life. The blind body builder , the person in my gym who can't see. These are the outliers who i belive are one of the strongest people. I achive to make my parents proud by being an Outlier in life. Reaching my full potential, infact always pushing myself to the limit and enhancing the limit is what life is about. I am going to do it.