Melissa Sterry


Citizens of NoWhere

In the 60s, we tuned into pirate radio stations that rocked the Establishment from aboard a fleet of boats. In the 70s, we wore flowers en route to San Fransisco, before declaring anarchy to the tune of 'God Save the Queen'. In the 80s, be it in the ‘heat of the night', or the 'heat of the day’, dressed head to toe in monochrome, or all a ‘go go’ and soon planning to go ‘outside', but definitely not ‘solo’, we took our protest to the stage, the world, live, 'aid', stage. In the 90s, though hands in the air like we just ‘didn't care’, we came together, in our thousands, in fields and warehouses, some near, some far. Through the 00s to today, ours is a world beyond borders, which populated by citizens of nowhere, is the North Sea of its day. We know irrelevance when we see it. We sense its day is done. We know when to ignore such rules as serve not all, but some. Young, old, and in-between, again, we come together. Through time eternal. United we stand, as the baton passes, from one to another. Them. We. One. All. By standing together, we shall not fall.

[Unpublished] #FlashFiction


Silently they lay, looking into one another’s eyes. Oceans, deep, awash with emotion, from their watery depths words without sound were spoken. Time standing still, two became one, transcending the four dimensions. Their love bound, entangled for eternity, their bodies and their futures entwined. A world within a world, it was theirs, and theirs only. Looking, deeply, into one another’s eyes, they saw the soul that would be at their side. Near. Far. No matter the distance. Oceans deep. Awash with emotion. Hearing, always, the words unspoken.

[Unpublished] #FlashFiction

Homo ignis.

Leaning forward, toward the flames, tentatively they lit the fennel stalk. Its light shining bright under a sky of many stars, it illuminated their path ahead. About them, creatures of the night now kept distance, watching in wonder at fire captured. Passing the torch from one to another, all marvelled at its potency. Feasts and beasts springing forth a burning plenty, both bellies and minds were nurtured. Alchemical endeavours soon ignited, powers no longer magical become theirs to behold. Torch held aloft, to the far corners of the world they travelled. Then to the stars under which they once stood.

[Extract from PhD Thesis] #FlashFiction

The Fire: 3pm GMT, September 2nd 2066

The City of London, England

Trees turned into torches, as embers cast adrift by an East wind ignited the tinder-dry urban forest with the ferocity of the fire of four-hundred years earlier. The city’s fire hydrants fallen victim to the several-year long drought, citizens fled frantically by whatsoever means were at their disposal.

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