Hello everyone it's MateoXRP with MG.Social. Today we are going to look at some of our statistics and analytics to measure our progress for the month of January, 2021. Then we are going to look at the progress we have made so far on our 2021 roadmap. If you want to follow along make sure you have an active Coil subscription.

Let's see how we did for the first month of 2021!


In the spirit of the Holidays we have decided to do some giving, but we are going to do it in the form of a challenge!

The challenge is going to involve getting Coil subscribers that have previously signed up for MG.Social back onto the platform creating a monetized posting.

Those eligible to participate in this challenge will be those who have already created an account on MG.Social before this post goes live (12/9/2020).

The challenge will run from when the post goes live until the end of this year; December 31, 2020.

For those who want to participate:

1. Make sure you have set your Xumm and web monetization addresses in your MG.Social account settings.

2. Create one monetized post on MG.Social using the hashtag #GivingBack. Ideally, though not required, the post will describe one way you are doing some giving for the season. (One posting per subscriber will be counted)

3. MG.Social will send your #GivingBack post a 5 XRP tip and will also send a 5 XRP matching tip to St. Jude Children's Hospital's XRPtipBot address.

***Update: Due to recent AML/KYC restrictions the XRPtipBot account for St. Jude's is no longer functional. Instead, at the end of the challenge we will donate an equivalent amount of USD to St. Jude's through traditional means.***

4. At the conclusion of the challenge one participating user will be chosen at random to win a 100 XRP prize.

We look forward to seeing users back posting on MG.Social that we may not have seen for a while and spreading some XRP around for a good cause.

Good luck to everyone who participates and let's see how much XRP we can raise for St. Jude!

***Update: We had 7 users participate in our challenge. We decided to donate the USD equivalent of 10 XRP per challenger at the ATH price of $3.95 for a total of $276.50 raised for St. Jude.

Our particpants were:

AussieNinja (Adam Waring)


whydoitweet (Derek Groen)

veggiessima (Cintia)



The winner of the 100 XRP prize:


Thank you to everyone the participated and helped us raise money for St. Jude Children's Hospital. We hope to see you partipcate in our next challenge!