B/VLOG october 11 2020

Has anyone ever coined a term for a BLOG that has mini spinets of video like a VLOG?

I can't seem to find anything, so I am going to create a new genre called a B/VLOG with the help of Mr. Mirrae

(Unless this is already a thing)

October 11, 2020 – BLOG/VLOG 001 begins

So we have a project going that required a portion of the sprinklers to be removed. To future proof the removal, instead of blocking off the end of the pipe where it was cut, we decided to install a valve.

Why is it when ever a project is started, there is always an issue. At this point you would think I would just expect little issues to arise! So off to Home Depot we go, to find a different solution.

I think the pipe clamp will work, at least its and easy attempt to fix. It always amazes me that Christmas items are out on the shelves 3 months ahead of the season, every year it seems to be earlier and earlier, but maybe it is because I am more aware with little ones at my side.

**Side note —> the video quality is very poor, but I have a plan to fix that without spending any money on new equipment! I always say start today and start with what you have!

start today & start with what you have!

I have a lot of respect for those VLOGGERS that do this everyday! Editing is taking its toll on me. Funny things do pop up while editing, during this next one the little one just popped out a question in the middle of it.

So cute, Daddy will you be my best friend?

So the clamp worked, no more issues and back to the original project, which we may or may not try to do a Blog/Vlog about ... time will tell. Its a start, a terrible start with regard to video, but the first step is always the hardest. Just do it, doing something new, regardless of how bad it turns out .... starting something is better than planning to do something. Besides, look on the bright side ... there is nowhere but up from here ;–)

starting something is better than planning to do something



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