Elementary School Distance Learning

Spring Break this year started for us March 13th but never ended. Well, Spring Break ended but the kids did not return to school due to the “Shelter in Place” mandates due to the COVID-19 virus. Kids returning to school from Spring Break was eventually not going to happen and there were plenty of indicators.

(My favorite indicator was the Health Hands initiative)

There was a thinly veiled survey, a Student Access to Technology Survey, that was sent to us March 10 ... should need to close school for an extended period of time. Basically can we proceed with Distance Learning and how many laptops will we need to supply to students, is how I read it. To no surprise, a few days later March 13, Free broadband and Wi-Fi access to households with K-12 and/or college students was being offered. Well at that point I realized I will not be going back to the office.

Week 1 of Distance Learning

I'm loosing my mind with trying to work from home and take care of 2 kids, 1 in daycare, well now home and not at daycare, and the other in elementary school with now distance learning. Its like 3 full time jobs!

On conference calls with crying in the background, arguments and frustration. Feeling like I will never be able to do this. How to “stay at home moms” do this everyday?

Week 2 of Distance Learning

Ok, I am getting the hang of this Distance Learning curriculum. But still confused with all the passwords apps and schedule.

Multiple mini 30-mins breaks for a walk outside sure do help.

I get more work done from home now between 5:30 am and 7:30 am (before the monsters awake) than I do the rest of the day.

Week 3 of Distance Learning

The oldest child now in college is having to do distance learning for the rest of the semester and got let go from her restaurant job. Well that sucks, she just moved out and her and her roommates are in the same boat! (Things will not be the same is all I can think about)

A good idea

But then after all the frustration and adjustment to the new daily life thrown at us all, I had an idea.

I now have the oldest daughter mentoring my son with distance learning. It has been a change for the better, we are now helping each other as a family. (I guess paying her to do this is not hurting ;–)

My son's focus, grades and reading have improved, literally in the matter of a week and a half, his improvement is off the chart. My daughter is also surprisingly calm yet stern with the school work and its almost as if my son wants to impress his older sister.

The class has a daily check-in where they are required to answer a few questions each morning. This morning, the question was:

Who do you admire most and why?

Typing with 1 finger on the keyboard, he wrote I admire my sister .... (backspace backspace backspace) my big sister (guess he had to distinguish to the reader that its not his little 3 year old sister) because she helps me with my homework.

Yes, I teared up :–)

Family matters

I can't express how grateful I am now being locked up with these angels during this time and that I am so fortunate to have support from the youngest to the oldest in our family. I wish that everyone could be this lucky.

Thanks COVID!