Sold our Ranger Rover for 1,156.764549 XRP

It was time to say goodbye our old friend. Every New Year I like to take stock of my life and see what can be tweaked or re-designed based on my current values.

Well, I am always about being frugal and selling a car I have had for years and use daily sounds like a big change, but very frugal. Think of the savings:

No more insurance payments

No more repairs

No more maintenance

No more gasoline (and this one is a guzzler)

No more destroying the environment (use a bike instead)

But doesn't that mean I have to buy a new car?

I mean don't I need transportation! Moving around the city in style, I mean I deserve that right!

Well, not if you are going to redesign your lifestyle! And becoming a 1 car family was always in the back of my head. We rarely use both cars we have at the same time. In that rare case, a bike is transportation right!

Time to do it!

I am a big believer in NO DEBT, ZERO, NADA, NOTHING on a money losing asset like a car. And for years I have had no payments, only car payments I have had was when I was young and stupid. But this thing is now costing me more money than what a new car payment would be. The list is endless on the amount of repairs we have had over the last 2 years with this Range Rover! I keep track of everything financial, but I am afraid to total all the money spent on this thing for fear I would realize it would be equivalent to a new car!

Ranger Rovers are wonderful ... when they aren't broken!

So wish me luck in the 1 car family journey, the savings will be invested of course like I mentioned previously here:

and here

I made a bye bye video to commemorate the event.


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