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It has been almost 1 year for myself posting to Coil. Some of my posts, in the nascent days of Coil, are my best posts. (I think so anyway) After outlining this I was amazed that I have over 40+ articles that have been posted.

Coil's default blog sequence for creators is sorting by submission date and many wont see those older great nuggets.

For those that are new, take a look around. You could start at the earliest post and read through till the most recent post, however I decided to organize my posts so you could pick per your preference.


Letter to my Daughter
Free Lunch for Life!
The Tiki Principle

Financial Wizardry with Harry Potter Chess
HSA – Best Investment Ever
What is your Risk Tolerance?
Is This Time Different
Amazon will eat the world!
Emotional Stability Fund
Through the Lens of Time

America's Banking System

Future Musings

Private Transactions on the XRP Ledger

Car Wallet!
Corporate Raiders & Tokenizing Real Assets
Streaming Music Royalties
Level Playing Field
Inattention Blindness

**Thought Process
The Price of Self-Discipline
Purpose takes your simple wishes to the finish line.
Pavlov's Dogs
“A Wise Old Owl”
What you can achieve by consulting with others before you make a new plan.
What step to take when writers block has you down.
Elementary School Distance Learning

**How to create a XRP Wallet
How to secure your digital assets for less than $1.00
Wire Fraud is Not Fun
SaaS Pricing Models

**Stefan Thomas interview with David Letterman
Sold our Ranger Rover for 1,156.764549 XRP

**Spending Crypto Series
**Spending Crypto – Post #1
Spending Crypto – Post #2
Spending Crypto – Post #3
Spending Crypto – Post #4
Spending Crypto – Post #5

**mirrae Intro on CINNAMON
Wait for the face!
This is my story
Gaming on the Bus
Meme Generator – Imgur

Stories by LTM

Wolf Pack
How to Draw a Cat
Trackers Love Story
Gimme my Bike Back


I will keep this post as my latest post and up to date so all may see when they arrive.

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