The Price of Self-Discipline

What does it take to acquire self discipline? I am sure you have heard it before, “you need more self discipline, then you will succeed.” Okay, but what exactly is self discipline and how do I attain it.

I always see these silly articles that are titled like this: “10 Proven Methods For Gaining Self Discipline” or “5 Ways to Master Self-Discipline”. Really ... there is a step-by-step process I can follow to gain self discipline? Well, I think its not that simple. It's not like you can learn self discipline like when you are in school learning math.

Doing some scripted exercises to obtain self discipline sounds good but far from reality.

The only way to get self discipline is through your own individual actions or ... well ... you don't achieve it at all. I mean, doesn't it quite literally tell you this by the words themselves? Self discipline – it is complete discipline over yourself, right.

I can't tell you step-by-step how to get it, or the “10 ways to acquire self-discipline”, but I can suggest a starting point.

Starting Point: Possession of one's own mind

That's it, a very simple start. Self discipline is taking over possession of your thoughts.

- Actions start with thought

- Success start with thought

- Quitting starts with thought

- Loving/Hating starts with thoughts

- Kindness starts with thought

- Joy starts with thought

- Fear starts with thought

If you cant control your thoughts, then sorry, you can't have complete discipline over yourself.

**Self discipline is complete discipline over yourself and it all starts with your thoughts, your thinking, or in other words ... your mind!

When you have self discipline and mastery over you thoughts, you tend to think first and then act later. This usually is a good thing ;–) The problem all of us have is quite the opposite. We tend to act first and think about it later. This usually doesn't turn out so well.

Thinking first and acting after, usually is a sign of someone that can control their emotions and that is generally a trait of very well respected individuals.

The price of self discipline

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