Wolf Pack

My son wants to be a Coiler!

Wolf Pack – Short story by LTM

Thay were 5 wolfs that were named Cupcake, Sprintos, Snow ball, Winter and Cocoa. And thar was a eval wolf named Cokunut and he betraid his brother Cocoa. So he went out into the woods never to be sene ugen untill a grile saw sumthing in the woods and it was Cokunut. and Cocoa saw him to and starded brkin non-stope. and the grile knew something was rong. so she went into the woods and colde not find the wolf so she went back into the loge caben. until thater that night she wooke up by a werd sownd. and she sede what is that? and her Dogs woke up wen she sede than and came up on her bed and her Dog's names were Cupcake, Serintos, Snow ball, and cocoa. the grile name was Emma. and so all 4 Dog's were prtekting thar oner and cocoa smeld cokunut and Grald. all the uther Dog's knew wut cocoa was graling uBout and all gathered together. and Emma was skarD. She tride to Go backe to sleep but she colDe not cus she was thar. She finle past out and usond it was all a bad drem untill she saw cocoa's eye. it wus skrDe. She frekt out and called 911 and the cops came to the Kaben and srched thay asked Eam if she saw that thing she seDe she did see somthing in the wodes and so the wolf mustuv goten in to the hows and that mustuv skard her. and the wolf mustuv skrached cocoa. She looked up wolf rideaws and the frst 1 showd all her Dogs and 1 utakt the man. She reliusd her Dog's were not Dog's at all thay were wolf's. She relized the wolf that utakt the man was named coknut. She that the rezon coknut came into the cabon. that she figrd it out. the rezon was cus of the Dog food she left out. She left out a trale of dog food to her room and stod thar till mide nite. then she past out the Dog food was still thar. but she was still Desprit to find coknut. So she tride ugen and the something hapend. it did not werk. But she cepe triying and triying But still did not werk. it was tosDay wen she trid it now it is friday. So she desided to Give up. But on SunDay she tride ugen and called the cops for Backup. thay hide Behind some Bushes. were coknut came in at uBowt 8:45 pm. coknut came in and the cop's Blokt the Doors and Eaam was stanDing thar mad wale stepin her foot Like wene you Get intruBol at school and you go home and you are Grownded and cokunut tried to Get out the frunt Door But the cops wer thar. Socokunut went out the winDow and esxapt. evre 1 Got BumBD out and so they Blokt the win Dows. But thay frgot 1 win Dow and it was the kichen winDow. and so cokunut came Back and thote he colDe get uway and he thot rite so he heDeD for a window But it was Blokt so he trid the kitchon winDw and he rane out of it and Got uway. So thay Blokt off that window and it hapend ugen wen the Ples Blokt the kichen cus cocnut went in thar. thar wer no ples at the frunt Door. So cocnut Jumpt over the ples and booked it to the frunt Poor. and uskapt.

(To Be Continued – he said he was not done with the story)

Well, handwriting is atrocious, punctuation and spelling need much work. (Not to mention starting a lot of sentences with “and”) How much can you understand?

At first I thought it was cute.

The next day I cried.

Does my son have Dysgraphia???


Spelling translations:

thar = there

betraid = betrayed

sene = seen

ugen = again

grile = girl

sumthing = something

starded = started

brkin = barking

stope = stop

rong = wrong

colde = could

loge = log

caben = cabin

thater = later

wooke = woke

werd = weird

sownd = sound

sede = said

prtekting = protecting

thar = their

oner = owner

smeld = smelled

Grald – growled

uther = other

wut = what

graling = growling

uBout = about

skarD = scared

tride = tried

backe = back

colDe = could

cus = because

finle = finally

drem = dream

skrDe = scared

frekt = freaked

kaben = cabin

sreched = searched

thay = they

Eam = Emma

somthing = something

wodes = woods

mustuv = must have

goten = gotten

hows = house

skard = scared

skrached = scratched

rideaws =

frst = first

showd = showed

utakt = attacked

reliusd = realized

relized = realized

utakt = attacked

rezon = reason

cabon = cabin

figrd = figured

trale = trail

stod = stood

thar = there

mide = mid

nit = night

Desprit = desperate

tride = tried

ugen = again

hapend = happened

werk = work

cepe = kept

triying = trying

werk = work

tosDay = Tuesday

trid = tried

desided = decided

tride = tried

ugen = again

uBowt = about

Blokt = blocked

Eaam = Emma

thar = there

stepin = stomping

wene = when

intruBol = in trouble

Grownded = grounded

frunt = front

esxapt = escaped

evre = every

BumBD = bummed

Blokt = blocked

win Dows = windows (so close!)

frgot = forgot

kichen = kitchen

thote = thought

colDe = could

uway = away

thot = thought

heDeD = headed

trid = tried

kichon = kitchen

winDw = window

Blokt = blocked

hapend = happened

Ples = Police

Jumpt = jumped

uskapt = escaped

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