Stop Mohamed Zeyara

A statement made by Mohamed Zeyara's ex-wife on April 12, 2021 regarding his predatory behavior and abuses

A statement made by Mohamed Zeyara's ex-wife on April 12, 2021 via Instagram and Facebook, regarding his predatory behavior and abuses. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful:

I bear witness that everything I am about to disclose is the honest truth and that my intention is solely to warn the Muslim community, women, and whomever else this may concern. In Islam we are advised to enjoin good and forbid wrongful doings and oppression. My name is Ahlam Abukhadrah and I am the ex-wife of Mohamed Zeyara. Although I have been threatened by him about reaching out to anyone or speaking up, I was advised to do so by multiple individuals who I trust; all of which have agreed that Mohamed Zeyara is an active threat to the Muslim community. In light of the beginning of Ramadan, this may seem like an inconvenient time to come forward. Due to the potential danger this presents to the community, this message cannot be delayed any longer. I contemplated coming forward throughout my 3-year marriage, but I feared for my safety. I have relocated my life in order to protect myself and it is absolutely necessary that I raise awareness of his credibility, integrity, actions, and any leadership position that he may hold.

As a public figure, Mohamed Zeyara has access to millions of people on social media granting him the power and reach to perpetuate his abuses. I have witnessed numerous interactions he has had with vulnerable women that he meets on his social media platforms and other women outside of the Muslim community. I have been contacted by many of them during and shortly after my marriage, who expressed their concerns about his lies as well as his spiritual and sexual abuse. The interactions include: escort services, lying about his marital status, sending explicit videos/images, inappropriate/provocative language, baiting, and adding women on his fake snapchat accounts to conduct sexual acts and then dropping them for another target after his needs are met. A formal complaint has already been submitted by one of the victims.

It is incredibly hard for his victims to believe their own experiences due to his perfectly curated public image, performative religiosity, as well as his associations with highly esteemed imams and large Islamic organizations. From his associations, I have made Pious Projects and Imam Omar Suleiman aware of Mohamed Zeyara’s abuses. I have also informed Shaikh Jamal Said of Mosque Foundation (IL) and he can also attest to this. His image creates a false sense of safety and integrity that is not befitting such a manipulative and spiritually vacant individual. His horrifying, repetitive patterns of behavior, lack of Islamic character, refusal to accept help, therapy, counseling or advice from anyone including family and religious individuals and his carelessness towards any person of authority, indicate that this man is not on the path of betterment and should be stopped immediately. This is someone who is not only disloyal, but intentionally corrupt and manipulative, with no concern for anyone but himself and his desires.

In addition to Mohamed Zeyara’s exploitation of his public platform, his continuous abuse and mistreatment towards me, manipulation, and lies have put an enormous toll on my mental health. His substance abuse further damaged our marriage through constant mistreatment and psychological harm. His sexual endeavors have jeopardized my physical health for which I have been medically treated. I am on the path to recovery, and I would never forgive myself if more women were to fall victim to his abuse. It is critical that for the safety of the ummah, this man does not hold any position of power, leadership role, or public image in any capacity. That is the least we can do to protect women from his oppression and misuse of power.

For those who may ask why this is being handled publicly instead of privately: I was patient with Mohamad Zeyara for three years, urged him to seek support, gave him many chances, and did all that I could in hopes that he would change. I spent thousands of dollars on mental health services and private counseling and tried to maintain the marriage despite the abuse I suffered. I married him because of what my family and I saw of him through his public persona, but by Allah, it is nothing but a mask. It would be an insult to Islamic leadership, scholars, and organizations, to give this person any platform or involvement in projects or positions where he will have unrestricted access to harm more women and deceive more people.

I advise all Muslim leaders and Islamic organizations, for the sake of Allah (swt) to take this statement seriously. If you need any evidence or wish to speak to me, you can contact me at .

If you or anyone you know has firsthand information on or was affected by any spiritual abuse, sexual abuse, coercion into performing sexual acts online and/or in person or was a victim of Mohamed Zeyara’s manipulation and misuse of his platform, please contact me at .

WaSalamu Alaykum