Crushed beneath of; to pur-sue the reason you won’t be able to walk by. The beyond to re-embrace our faith in order to shield of the heart, thus the world controlled by the hand of God. Destiny? What kind of destiny that has no control. The amount of perception of human life itself, asking how aliveness to lead to beliefs those faith in humanity as their mind swinging like a music dwelling at its best. Are you, yes inwardly yourself have had your Messiah? — Samaira Dean.

When I'm with you I can't breathe. Boy, you really do something to me. I have learnt that life can be such a great ride with you and only you.

Ups and downs occured in the past a lot, thank you for coming as a blessing and thank you for existing to me, I always am glad you're here. You really need to know that i've never loved you any less than before.

Having you in my life has been my greatest and most loveable decision. Thank you, Daisaki for coming to me and sticking by me. It's been 6 months of having a feel of your uniqueness and I just want you to know that with each day I LOVE YOU MORE and don't want to get over you, ever. until I find someone new that get me high like you. Please, stay with me. I love you, I really do.

VOL 1. A Gift For The Lovely One. STARRING : Fugo Matoliu.

To you; Someone who touches each life that you enters. My dearest Friday, the one who reigns the Jupiters. The one who is standing there, whenever I feel joy or even blues.

The one who lighten up our day, the one who completed my journey. Thank you so much for being an awesome boyfriend of mine, thank you for existing and thank you for being strong. We've been together for this long and I still can't believe it.

Lil Tigey, Matoliu. I'm wishing you to have a great day because it's your BIRTHDAY today! May you have a blast, Daisaki! And also please remember that; your existence means a lot to me <3