GlobalID & PayID! Are you ready to be identified from anywhere?

The latest buzz is getting a GlobalID to link your various Internet identities under one, unique, identity. An even bigger buzz is getting a PayID to allow sending and receiving assets using one, unique, monetary ID. I'm sure many will consider this the mark of the beast. Others will welcome it as a way of consolidating your many accounts into one easy to use Identification.

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Imagine being able to send money from your wallet, which is in dollars, to another person or business that might deal in Swiss Franks or Japanese Yen! Almost instant, almost free and follows all regulations regarding AML/CFT/CPF compliance. Imagine also, being able to receive money from ANYWHERE directly into your digital wallet without any intermediaries like banks, etc.

PayID is the answer. It was announced on Thursday, June 18th, 2020 by Ripple Corporation.

Read about the details at: and

Global ID is available now. Pay ID will be rolling out Q3 and Q4 from various services.