What to do when thousands of letters to Santa Claus send to ... your house?

Jim Glaub (40 years old) and Dylan Parker (39 years old) used to live in a house located on West 22nd Street, Manhattan, New York, USA. Every Christmas season, there are many letters from children that are intended to be sent to Santa Claus, but for some reason, address their home, up to now, thousands of letters have been sent in 10 years. since they moved in this house back in 2010.

Before moving to live here, the two had been informed in advance of the possibility of receiving strange letters from children every Christmas, the previous owners also met this incident and they will also meet. right. Jim and Dylan did not hesitate at this, though strange and confusing, that the babies got the specific address of the house.

The very first year Jim and Dylan moved here, they received hundreds of letters back to ... Santa Claus. There are many very touching letters, sent by babies living in difficult circumstances, they say that they have been very docile throughout the year, so I hope Santa Claus will send warm shoes and blankets. warm and food for their families in the winter ...

At first, Jim and Dylan wondered what to do with the letters sent, but then they decided to write back to the children. Gradually, it became a meaningful activity for them before each Christmas, to the point that relatives and friends were caught up in the process, and received support from two in writing letters to the children.

At first, Jim and Dylan were also wondering what to do with the letters sent.

In times of overwhelming children's letters, Jim and Dylan also had to rely on the assistance of volunteers that they could contact through social media.

Talking about the strange features of this house, Mr. Jim said: “The man who lived in this house before we informed us that every Christmas there will be a letter sent to Santa Claus. is on the doorstep, but he said there are only a few dozen letters, but even on the first Christmas in 2010, we received about 400 letters, we were really shocked.

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There are days when the mail arrives so much that the postman cannot put it all into the family mailbox. Most of these letters were sent by poor children living in New York, which touched Jim and Dylan very much. They decide to hold a small party, invite relatives and close friends to attend.

When the party was about to end, they held out a mailbox and started telling the story, everyone quickly understood the idea and received replies to help a number of messages.

The apartment where Jim and Dylan used to live

At the same time, Jim and Dylan also quickly set up a non-profit charity to help make the simple dreams of poor babies come true at Christmas, they named the foundation “ Miracle on 22nd Street “(Miracle on 22nd).

In addition to the gifts to help lift the kids up for Christmas, Jim and Dylan, along with relatives and friends, will write replies to them. So far, their group has answered about 2,000 letters over the past Christmas seasons.

Jim and Dylan have now moved out of this strange apartment, but they make sure to continue to keep in regular contact with the new owner every Christmas, so that they keep the letters of the children coming in and then forward for Jim and Dylan.

So far, their group has answered about 2,000 letters over the past Christmas seasons

Dylan thinks there may have been a philanthropist who lived at the site in the past: “Over the years, as we continued to work on writing letters and sending gifts to the children, I became less concerned with the reason. Why is the mail being sent to this address, instead, I am more concerned with what to do because it is all real people and stories, I only have the time, energy and mind to Find out what the letter is expecting, what we can do ... “.