Let's Talk About Our Aesthetic Preferences With Each Other

I read an article that was in written in a really cool format and it inspired me to write a different article in the same format. Thank you, Scott Ryan-Abt, for writing the article I linked to.

This article is going to be made up of 10 questions about aesthetic preferences. I will answer them and invite commenters to do the same. Maybe this article will help strengthen the community aspect of Non-Monetized Together. We’ll see what happens.

1. What’s your favourite wall colour?

My favourite wall colour is black. It’s really striking and has a novelty factor.

2. What’s your favourite album cover?

New Order’s Republic by Peter Saville. Two images that promise boldness and excitement. Beautiful colour contrast and a font that oozes confidence.

3. What’s your favourite colour pairing in an alternating colour striped pattern?

Purple and teal. It’s the rare colour combination that’s as good as one colour plus the other colour.

4. What do you think of the logo for Twitter’s new rebrand X?

I think it lacks character or any sort of identity.

5. What is the most aesthetically pleasing food?


6. What is your favourite style of architecture?

Postmodern architecture. I find it really complex and inviting.

7. What is your least favourite style of architecture?

The type they use to make houses. It just doesn’t spark a reaction in me.

8. What country has the best flag?

South Korea because of the colour combo and the interlocking shapes. I also like the white background because to me, white represents the concept of nothing, so putting a shape in the centre makes it feel like the background isn’t bothering to compete with the shape for attention.

9. What’s your favourite aesthetic in a movie?

Maybe it’s because I don’t watch many arthouse films, but I can’t really think of many movies that have a great aesthetic. I remember Predestination having a somewhat original and beautiful aesthetic palette, so maybe I’ll go with that.

10. What’s your favourite aesthetic in a music video?

I’ll go with Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime.” I’m not even a huge Talking Heads fan but even today, the aesthetic for this music video is either unintentional or creative to the point of genius. The way all the elements of the video (even the camera) move around is satisfying to watch. While the cinematography would be ugly in most music videos, the way the movement is orchestrated somehow makes the cinematography memorable and artistic. The photography of the music video kind of looks like it was filmed off a TV screen, but all that does is just make the video feel postmodern instead of cheap.

Thanks for reading and I hope you share your answers to these questions.

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