This Blog Will Strive to Create Harmony Online

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From flame wars to echo chambers, the Internet has earned its reputation as a chaotic, intimidating battlefield. I created my blog as a place of refuge from this madness. For me to ensure that it will succeed at this, I need to follow a few rules which all fall under the umbrella category of “not being difficult.” Yet at the same time, I want people to take from my articles what they will, as the saying goes. How do I achieve this?

I just need to say exactly what I mean and make sure my readers know that. I can do this by explaining my points clearly, logically, and literally enough to erase any concerns of double meaning. My blog shouldn’t have its own culture that closes itself off from the rest of the Internet. I want my posts to be understandable by someone who just discovered my blog from a search result. These days, the lines between irony and sincerity on the Internet are getting blurred. Being straightforward is a great way to address this problem.

Also, I should only try to get into arguments if it’s to resolve them. I need to word my arguments in a way that makes it clear that I am only doing it for the other person’s own benefit. I should explain the facts instead of relying on weaponized trigger words for my argument. I can use digital communication to my advantage and give myself as much time as I need to think about the right thing to say. I can’t control how others react, but I can still be clear about my intentions.

I’m expecting these personal guidelines to set positive norms for commenters on my blog. Hopefully, this means my blog will not be affected by socio-cultural issues seen elsewhere online. Yet that doesn’t mean that these strategies cannot be taken elsewhere.