What if you could have a political argument online and FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT?

Does getting in a political Internet argument throw the rest of your day off course? Are you stuck deciding between the anxiety of staying silent and the anxiety of participating in the argument? Ladies and gentlemen, I have found a way to approach politics that might actually address your needs.

Here’s the idea. In the comments section for the article on this link, one of you readers can answer the question, “what political movement concerns you and why?” Then another person can respond to that comment and explain why that person doesn’t need to be concerned. This way, the focus of the argument can be focused on using politics to provide comfort and security to others.

Please remember, this doesn’t mean you should invalidate the commenters’ concerns or make them feel misunderstood. The commenters’ worries should be approached as legitimate. Even if it isn’t legitimate to you, it’s legitimate to them, and may be emotionally or mentally painful for them. Moreover, these fears won’t just go away if the commenters are told they’re not real. By approaching politics this way, I hope that this will promote empathy and solidarity for people with different viewpoints.

Now let’s take Internet discussion to its full potential!

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