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Just got my first deposit into the WisdomTree Cloud Computing Fund ETF.

This will be my go-to stock ETF that I will deposit every month.

What made me choose WCLD? – majority US based companies – US stock market is known for it's technology companies, especially the performance of NASDAQ – follows the BVP Nasdaq Emerging Cloud Index – the theme currently/future is cloud computing, more so after the 'pandemic' – expense ratio is reasonable – there are not many cloud-themed ETF at the moment, and the remaining few holdings don't look as promising

See this link for more details –

I have decided to keep Bitcoin and Ethereum only in my cryptocurrency portfolio.

The allocation was 30% former and 70% for the latter – I will keep them this way.

I have moved the coins from the exchange platform to my wallet.

As for the rest – I will sell them when they came back up.

Keep it simple.

I just got my first deposit into the Vanguard Total China Index ETF.

The price I paid was RMB 9.844.

As the financial capital of the world move towards China from USA, we will see more monies going into China A shares.

I will allocate 20% of my monthly income to this ETF.

See this link for more details –

Inspired by, I will document my no-frills investment here.

My vehicles are: Bitcoin Ethereum Cloud computing index ETF China ETF

It's Thursday 8 October 2020 9.06am – and I am starting to jot down my thoughts.

I do not know how frequent I will write here, but hopefully at least once a month.

I will share what I chance upon in life – mainly about living, mind, body and finance.

Love all.

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