The Methuselah papers – Elder regions & deep time, living economy & tools for conviviality

Plurality & particularity, evolution & legacy

Above: The Dalit movement in post-revolutionary Nepal | The Buddha’s eyes in a stupa in Kathmandu

There’s a long-ish road ahead in this blog, so a bit of mapping is in order. A dear friend who read the opening paper was concerned: about repetition, about overwhelm for a reader; perhaps about claiming too much for an individual’s contribution; and certainly about a programmatic tendency. These are all good things to pay attention to, as a series of writings gets under way.


All the reach that can be visioned and sustained

I find I’m in a journey in a large and heaving landscape: both personally, in a life, and as a member of the quote-unquote 'post-war' baby-boomer cohort. It’s something I need to write about, for both personal and collective-activist-generational reasons; for purposes of day-to-day navigation and for continuing mobilisation. I’ll start from two experiences – that's the kind of thing I'll persistently do here, because that's how in fact it is, this living – and move along from these, exploring and travelogueing, in the blog I’m initiating with this paper here.


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