Good Powers – Bad Powers

During the Three Memories, the ultimate attack the hero unlocks, comes from three protectors. And this power that was taugh to the hero by their most difficult enemy, was not the hero’s to yield, so the Enemy had it as well.

But in all three memories, three times, the hero sees the ultimate of each of the Three Friends, and unlocks it during his journey to regroup the protectors.

Thief: Unyielding Blade –> Massive Damage Captain: Unwavering Shield –> Perfect Mitigation Mage: Unlit Fire –> Extreme Buff

Woman: Answering/Aspected Blade –> Debuff Attack, causes bleeding(+paralasys?) Jovial Man: Ambiguous Strike –> Debuff Attack, nulls defense Third Friend: Astral Flame –> Debuff Attack, nulls magic defense

*bleeding: damage + lowers max hp