Rains I've Ruined

This for me is child’s play.

Until I actually fell,

In the thousands hidden sly smile,

I have met my demise. I slipped.

I notice myself starring fondly at you

My eyes are curving in a rainbow,

While the corners of my lips try to reach

For the pots of gold.

The colors on my world

And all the vibrant swirls,

The lingering feeling of doom is dissipating.

For this peace, I dislike you.

For this piece, I love you?

What is a treasure forever hidden in

a sinister cave?

What is a devil if it can finally be saved?

A mere human, with sins and never ending guilt,

Don’t be the wave that destroys everything I have ever built.

But then again, you and I love the ruins.

All there is left are fields and the view after the rain

But the gold must be hidden, no human could ever attain.