These writings are mostly unedited. This a piece of my mind, what I want to say that I have kept.

A clean warm blanket draped over us, 

The atmosphere just feels like it.

A thousand knights for a stray cat,

That type of protected

I know if I leap with you, I’d fall with grace.

My limped tired legs, my lost little bell,

Yet you make me feel like life I’ve aced.


The effects of betrayal rushed into my soul

Like I just fell into a pit

And landed on a thousand spinning wheel

The sharp needles and splinter kills

Waking to a never ending sleep,


This for me is child’s play.

Until I actually fell,

In the thousands hidden sly smile,

I have met my demise. I slipped.

I notice myself starring fondly at you


Pacing on these corners, my bedroom wall saw the disaster

I was okay hours ago,

Midnight heartache, I have to sow

right now.

Being sane is a couples miles away

Though I had to crawl, I was doing great,

but the midnight breeze left a different taste tonight.


You took something new,

turned it into some worn out old creased shoes

I romanticized the way you were in my head

like our path was never red

I always feels like I am begging for your time

Waiting for us to goddamn rhyme

You’ve held me like what an object is to a mime


We have loved with hearts made of wax and feathers

Just like rosettes, it will die and wither

Close to the waves, you have reached the waters

With me you’ll leave with your heart intact, but you’ll always have a heavy heart

I too is an icarus stubborn,