Safe Haven

A clean warm blanket draped over us, 

The atmosphere just feels like it.

A thousand knights for a stray cat,

That type of protected

I know if I leap with you, I’d fall with grace.

My limped tired legs, my lost little bell,

Yet you make me feel like life I’ve aced.

Bear with me?

To be honest I’m still scared of the storm,

The thundering roars, alone in this town.

I’m afraid one day you would be gone

Along with your familiar warmth.


You know exactly what to say,

what to do,

I love you,

my safe haven


You seem to never get tired of loving me,

Like your purpose is solely to keep my sanity.

But I'm worried, how are you doing?

You’re doing all of my fixing

Am I pulling you down with me?

You’re not the person you used to be

I miss you when your face was carefree,

Not full of worries because of me.

I’m tearing a golden winged angel apart,

Just to get heaven for free on my side

I’ll take a step back with each of your strides

I want to set you free, 

This storm will leave you scarred.

I’ll be honest,

I'm afraid with you far, but how else would I grow?

Get up on my own?

how would you grow?

What would we sow?

My Love is not enough to keep you intact.

One day I won't be running away,

Always looking for places to stay..

..And you with someone who sees you as a home,

Not just a safe haven