Actual Marginalia


#cocktailtesting #tea

And now for something completely different.

Testing: Ripe/Cooked Pu-erh infused rye whiskey

Var. 1 * 1.5oz infused rye * .75oz vermouth (carpano antica) * .5oz peach juice * .25oz Cointreau * 2 dashes angostura

Var. 2 * 1.5oz infused rye * .5oz Cocchi Americano * .5oz Carpano Antica * .25oz lime juice * .25oz St. Germaine * <.25oz Fernet Branca * 2 dashes angostura

note: it takes a while for a compressed tea to extract. Overnight for 1st infusion, 8 hours for the 2nd. No issues. Robust smokey, earthy flavor; not bitter.