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This is my second year attempting Coffeeneuring and my first year completing the challenge! Last year, I was one ride short because I got the dates wrong.


The days are getting cooler, although today was pretty warm when we went running during lunch. Coffeneuring season is a go, so I've been doing plenty of cycling outdoors. More than I've done since the beginning of quarantine. It's been nice to get out, get hot drinks, and see friends (form a safe distance). I have another ride planned this weekend, and I've already done two of the rides, which leaves just four outside of those.

So, planning very roughly here, I should be able to do one per weekend, sans the weekend I'm flying out for a wedding. (I know, I know. We'll be staying away from other people for two weeks after getting back and taking all the precautions along the way and while we're there.)

I plan to write something up once I've done all seven (or so) of my coffeeneuring rides.


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Loki did a phenomenal job today! I met up with my partner about halfway into my run (he's much more of a runner than me), and Loki was actually chasing him and pulling me along a bit. Loki also did a perfectly executed “leave it” when another dog lunged and growled at him as we were running past. I'm so very proud of him.

I really need to order a proper canicross belt. The one I'm using now keeps slipping up and undoing any actually pulling that Loki is trying to do. We've been getting faster, too (beating my previous best half mile effort PR).

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I wrote about my Peloton Digital DIY setup a few days ago, and I've now had a full week with it. I've done at least one cycling class every day, including a live class, and I've done one quick 10-minute yoga class. I'm still getting a feel for which classes (and instructors) I like the most. I have until the end of this month before my trial is up, and I'm fairly certain I'll end up subscribing in the end.


I'm not particularly motivated by leaderboards, so I cobbled together my own setup for Peloton Digital's cycling classes. I should be able to use the same setup for Apple Fitness+ when that arrives, although I'm not entirely sure I'll switch over when it's released. It is a wee bit cheaper ($10 vs $13), but having a friend on Peloton is more motivating than anything.


My indoor bike arrived today! Despite it toppling over when the UPS delivery guy dropped it (oops!), the only damaged piece was a piece that isn't part of the final product. Poor guy underestimated the steepness of our driveway hill.

I took a longer lunch to put the bike together, and then I did a 30-minute Peloton Digital ride. It was labeled as “Beginner Advanced,” and me, being a cyclist and generally fit person thought it would be a breeze. Shocker: it was not easy at all. I'm definitely not used to intense cardio like that, so it ended up being a really, really solid workout.

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No referral/affiliate links here, just jotting down my current fitness routine as a reference point.


Helped a friend move some bulky items into his new house. All the fitness stuff I've been doing seems to be paying off in a practical way, too. Came home, ate dinner, and played some Ring Fit. I really need to do a better job of getting settled in for bed a bit earlier, but it just feels like there aren't enough hours in the day.

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Today was Mabon, the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere. I was hoping to make some bird feeders, but that plan fell through, so I think I'll do it tomorrow instead. Mabon is meant to be about letting go of things you no longer need and making sacrifices. I can't say I did the latter, but I did donate a whole trunk full of tents, coats, sleeping bags, and other winter gear to a coat drive. That felt like a festive way to celebrate. I also had a video chat with some other witch friends, and even though we didn't do much craft talk, it was nice to connect with them.

This is my third week of lifting in a row, and I am really starting to see muscle definition! My upper body especially looks absolutely strong and radical, and I've noticed a difference in things I'm doing around the house being easier in general. Maybe one day, I'll even be able to do a real live push-up and pull-up. ;)

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Woke up early to do some meditation and a tarot draw before work (got King of Pentacles). Work was only “okay.” This one client is being particularly frustrating and difficult to deal with, but I think I'm almost done with that project and will be able to fully focus on the next one starting tomorrow. Context switching is incredibly difficult for me.

Finished reading Southern Cunning. Took a walk after lunch and grabbed some pine cones I plan to make into all-natural bird feeders for Mabon tomorrow. Those things are sticky! There's still some pine sap stuck to my fingers.

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